Roundup :: Classic wooden base dining tables Interior Design

There is a piece in our house that no matter how often I post, it is still asked for, and that is our breakfast corner table. Honestly – I don’t have anyone who wants to have the source as apparently there is a lack of options in this area and it can be frustrating to find the perfect finish. Unfortunately the table we have is no longer available. but! After being asked so often for ideas on where to find something similar, I thought it was high time to put together a small summary of the classic dining table options for wooden bases …

I’ve included a variety of sizes in our resume, but for reference, our breakfast corner table is a 48-inch round. I also have a second pedestal table in the house that will ask you a lot about what a perfect bistro is or the size of the entry table at 32 “.

1. Charlotte solid wood dining table | 2nd Chelsea Pine dining table | 3rd Seneca Pine dining table | 4th Felecia solid wood dining table | 5. Michel teak dining table | 6. Reclaimed pine and elm dining table | 7. Dining table in whitewashed mango wood made from magnolias

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