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Are you looking for new project ideas for cabinet doors? I covered you! I’ve been a collector of random, orphaned, unwanted closet doors for years.

Some of the project ideas below are simpler than others, so I’ll list them from the simplest to the most difficult. But frankly, even the more difficult ones are easy with my step-by-step instructions!

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1. Cabinet door blackboard ideas

converted cabinet door into a blackboard

The simplest board project ever

Mindi from My Love 2 Create is so smart with her repurposed closet door projects! Look at her Notepad!

You can easily create this by adding a small piece of metal Magnetic board with a closet door.

One can be made from a small cabinet door Blackboard easel for the kids, kitchen or office!

2.DIY Pet Ramp

DIY pet ramp made from a reused cabinet door

This DIY pet ramp Made from a reused cabinet door is ideal for new puppies or aging cats and / or dogs. It has actually been in use in my home for years, with all of the above – puppies, cats, and dogs!

4. Make a sign

converted cabinet door into a large welcome sign

Use an oversized cabinet door to hold one Welcome sign for your porch or entrance!

Live laugh love simply closet door sign

red Live Laugh Love sign made from a microwave cabinet door.

Great template tips included in this post, Happy Fall Y’all.

Alphabet photography sign

God's Top 10 Signs

I have lost track of how many of these signs I have made. Every time I made one for my girlfriend, she gave it away and asked for another one to replace it. We could all use a little more God’s Top Ten! More drawing ideas in this article.

Our house can be small

Simple sign, Our house can be small.

DIY sign

When I had a stand, I made a lot of signs, so more in the post Signs for my booth.

5. Make a hook shelf from a reused cabinet door

converted cupboard door coffee cup shelf

This simple cabinet door projects are very fun to make and ohhh they are so functional!

Reuse old license plates and a closet door make a functional wardrobe!

Here’s another pretty simple one Cloakroom shelf made from a closet door.

6. Converted planters for cabinet doors

Use a closet door, a hook, and a loaf pan, and you have one yourself Cabinet door herb planter.

Build a planter with 4 unwanted cabinet doors.

7. Cabinet door projects | Lites glass

Some cabinet doors have panes or windows. They originally had glass in them. This Photo display shelf was made with a small door that still had the glass!

This Table hook frame was made from the matching door but without glass. I had four of them. Two were used as doors to a closet. Imagine.

This blackboard is a simple project. Below in the section on construction you will find a cabinet made with two of these doors.

8. Build it out of cabinet doors

This Kid’s Dress Up closet was actually made out of entertainment center doors.

I’ve always loved chest of drawers harps but didn’t have any, so that’s what I did Faux Dresser Harp Chalkboard from a reused cabinet door and random little things.

Add a board on top of a double glazed cabinet door to make one fabulous command center.

Toy box made from reused cabinet doors

If you keep track of it, this is, in my opinion, the third project created from $ 1 doors of the ReStore. Which child wouldn’t love his own? ABC toy box?

Make a handy one Handicraft paper memo board from an oversized closet door.

What a great idea! Do one DIY lap desk.

I use four identical cabinet doors to make a base for this bank. It’s easier for me to reuse than to use a router to make wood more beautiful. smile

Make a bookshelf like Mindi!

A extra large table shelf made by adding little things to a closet door.

A closet door can be used to hold one small side table.

Another great bookshelf with large closet doors.

By building a frame around large closet doors, I could make one Blackboard easel stand.

What to do with these Build a box (frame) and make a closet that can hang on the wall or rest on the floor. See the details in my post Shelf with reused cabinet doors.

Do one small bench for the children, their dolls or even for their flower garden or terrace.

small closet with a reused cabinet door

A custom box was made to make one to make one hanging closet.

What will YOU do with a reused cabinet door?


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