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Who can currently travel to Portugal for tourism?

As of today, July 1st, our road border to Spain was reopened for tourism and non-essential crossings.

We are open to flights from EU, UK and EEA / Schengen. For travelers outside of these nations, EU restrictions on the EU and Schengen external borders apply from top to bottom.

Please note that border controls for other EU countries are set up in some EU countries as part of the emergency situation. As a result, some flight routes may not be performed. Please check with your local travel advisor to see who allows Portugal here to see if any internal rules apply to trips to Portugal.

The EU announced that from July 1st, a set list of 15 countries outside the EU can also enter the EU borders. This list includes: Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay.

The list does not include travelers from the U.S., Russia, and China – People from these or unlisted countries can no longer enter Portugal or the EU unless this is considered an essential trip. Visitors from China can soon be admitted if they agree to open their border to EU citizens in return.

Please note that flights in do not mean that you can fly as a tourist –We do have flights to and from Portugal from some non-EU destinations, such as the United States and mainly the Portuguese-speaking communities in Brazil, Cape Verde and other countries in the group. These apply to residents who have to travel between countries for a substantial reason, not to leisure tourism.

Schengen is the visa-free area in Europe where you can move around freely after your entry. This list will be checked again sometime in July and we will wait for an update.

United States citizens

From the USA, There have been some conflicting reports and people have recently traveled to the EU. After these new, stricter agreements introduced by the EU borders in July, I very much doubt that you can no longer avoid them. If you are traveling to Portugal from the United States, please contact your airline.

I am also on some Facebook travel groups for Portugal and on July 1st one of the members, an American passport holder, tried to fly from London Luton to Porto and was refused boarding due to his passport even though he had been there since the UK Months. So it seems that the EU border rules (in some cases, if not all) are now being applied to passports and not just to incoming places of origin. Please check with the consultants for the latest USA passport rules before making bookings.

Travel from the UK

The British airlift and traffic light system has now been announced, which is as follows. Please note that although the British government manages the central government, the quarantine is not. Therefore, today’s announcement on Friday, July 3rd, is based only on England (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will vary decidedly by the local government).

Conclusion for British: At the moment you can travel to Portugal and enjoy a fantastic vacation. However, when you return to the UK you will need to quarantine and you may have insurance issues due to the essential travel advice. You can also book a vacation for later in the summer and hope the UK has changed the list by then. It is your call. Read below for all the pros and cons …

First, the announcement was somewhat confusing as the British government made two lists. The first is a list of countries in which The FCO travel advice has changed. This list essentially includes the countries where the UK government is now allowing non-essential travel. This essentially means that insurance policies now exist as soon as they are approved.

The islands of Azores and Madeira are both on this new list, so you can travel to them with insurance and FCO approval.


they also published a second list, including the “air corridors” – this is the list of countries where there is no 14-day quarantine when returning from a country. Portugal was not on this list, neither the mainland nor the islands, much to the shock of most of us. This means mainland Portugal. Travel is not recommended, so insurance is almost impossible and you need to be quarantined. If the UK government authorizes travel for Madeira and the Azores, the insurance is likely to be valid, but you still need to quarantine in the UK when you arrive.

I the British travel agency tweeted To verify that this is not an error between lists, the Azores and Madeira have to be quarantined and they have confirmed that there is no air corridor to the islands.

Please note that these lists are updated by the UK every few days, so the Portugal quarantine may be removed soon. I will update it here when this update is done.

The UK government also says these lists are subject to change at any time, so you may be vacationing in a country. However, if you fly home, the rules may have changed and you will need to be quarantined for 14 days anyway.

But can you travel to Spain (let’s say Seville) and go to the Algarve to avoid quarantine?

In theory maybe. I ask this because I have to travel back to the UK this year to collect items and hopefully see my family, but am unable to quarantine there for two weeks.

It’s also an idea to float in many travel forums here in Portugal. Yes, the quarantine applies to the country you fly in and out of. In this case, it would be Spain without a quarantine. I have seen the forms that the British border force wants to fill out and they are actually asking In which countries have you been and in a country that is not on the approved list? So you would either be honest and asked to quarantine or lie to try to get around them. I am not in favor of the later, but be aware that these forms will be part of the return to the British situation.

I believe the UK can do GTF because in recent months it has allowed US travelers currently banned from the UK to travel to EU countries via Heathrow. So when these travelers arrive at their EU destination, they can say that they have traveled from there to the UK, which is allowed on the EU list. I called Heathrow on Twitter and they got a little shy knowing that they were going round the corner in a roundabout way. Please note that this was before the new EU travel ban list was released on July 1st. I therefore do not recommend that US travelers try this now as I think everything has become a lot stricter.

Masks in Spain, not only indoors but also outdoors on public streets

Please also remember that the situation in Spain in terms of daily life and masks differs from here as their mortality and infections were much worse and their rules remain strict. I drove from Portugal to Spain for dinner tonight and quickly realized that something was different than a man pointing at my face and starting to scream. I wasn’t wearing a mask.

In Spain they have made it a law On public roads, public squares and practically everywhere outside, you cannot guarantee that you are two meters from the social distance. You have to wear a mask. This differs from Portugal, where masks are only needed in closed rooms. To be fair, I should have checked this before I started my trip, but since the tourism authority that I follow didn’t address this, I wasn’t aware that this was the rule. So be aware if you travel to Spain this summer you will probably come home with brown lines on your face, haha! I’m not sure what the deal on the beach is, but that’s certainly the rule when walking the streets, and almost every local has followed it in Ayamonte, the Algarve border town, and there are fines on the spot for those who don’t t. So maybe you are waiting for Portugal to be on the green list instead?

Docking and disembarking of cruise ships is currently prohibited until July 15th, although I expect the industry to continue for some time.

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