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The best thing about the late summer season is that the entire spring and summer decor is available for sale. I walked through the hobby lobby and came across all of their spring and summer sales. The carpets were 60% cheaper, so I grabbed one to do a mini-deck makeover with a new black and white outdoor rug. We have a few more months to enjoy nature and I’m planning it! Our old outdoor carpet has seen some seasons and looked pretty worn out. It was almost embarrassing.

Aft deck area before renovation

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Especially with us new panel wall area. One side of the deck looked fantastic and the other looked kind of yuck. I would have packed almost two carpets, but I also had no need unless it was just supposed to be greedy.

Makevoer mini-deck with new black and white outdoor carpet on deck

All I really did was swap the plant on the vintage marble table and swap the carpet, and it looks like a whole new room! You can find a similar carpet here.

Rocking chairs on the terrace

I’ve added some of my own pillow designs to the rocking chairsand there was only a general refresher. I love the new outdoor carpet! Do you see this brass lamp in the corner? It’s solar and so easy to do! You can see the DIY here.

View of the aft deck and the garden

We really love to sit outside! The evenings are warm and the beetles have not been that bad. It was just nice to hear, hang out and chat about cicadas and crickets. Some evenings I will sit outside and read.

Black and white carpet on aft deck and rocking chairs

You can buy our mini deck makeover with a new black and white outdoor rug. Find the pillows Here and Here, a similar carpet here, and a plant and white pot here.

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