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Blocking COVID-19: How we managed without salaries – private school teachers : Nigerian Education

While school closures continue, private school teachers have shown how difficult it is for them to survive without salaries.

Some of them who spoke to DAILY POST said they had to start retail and private lessons to survive.

While her colleagues in public schools receive their salaries on a monthly basis, private school teachers have not received a salary since March, when the government closed schools to curb the spread of Covid-19.

While the majority of teachers concerned have started doing small business and selling goods such as crayfish, palm oil and some other groceries, others are using social media to sell clothing materials, dried fish, dried ponmo (cow skin), etc. during Record other available house hours.

In anticipation of the school’s reopening, teachers appealed to the government to provide palliative support.

Ms. Christiana Ojediran, a teacher at the New Jerusalem City Baptist School in Ejigbo, said she lived with the palliative of school, church, and parents of God’s grace.

The mother of two children added that she has now turned to a dealer and sold crayfish and palm oil for little income to continue.

It therefore asked the government to support them with little capital to help their small businesses.

Ms. Sopehin from Beulafield Schools, Agbado, said that she had to start class at home to raise some money because nobody was willing to help.

She announced that the school owner was doing her best when she paid the salary until April.

Miss Oluwaseun Ogundiran, a teacher at the Al-Ghaffar school in Ikorodu, also said that she had done part-time POS work to survive and also teach at home, as nothing left school after the March salary .

Ms. Christina Adegoke from Groombase School, Ejigbo said: “It’s good! It was god. There is no money we just managed.

“The last salary was in March and everything has been fine since then because I can no longer sell the small chops that I normally sold in school and church because both were closed. I can only do it with a few hours of house that I do. “

Ms. Balogun Baliks, a private school teacher in Maryland, Lagos, said she needed N 50,000 to start a business, but she couldn’t get the fund.

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