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Are you all foam and not beer?

Call it what you want: “Bark everything and no bite; Everything sizzles and no steak; Everyone shows and does not go. “The meaning is still the same – talking is cheap. The fact is that all talking is nothing but hollow words. Are you all foam and not beer?

Great speakers are so good at speaking a good game that they allow their words to be a substitute for action. They express their intention, but rarely act. They complain instead of coming into play. They promise everything and deliver nothing. These people know that their promises will require action sometime in the future. And they pray that tomorrow will never come – but it does. And that has written problems everywhere.

If you all have foam and no beer, you can speak until your face is blue, but people will see through you. It will destroy the trust, credibility and respect that it took you so long to build. In fact, from that point on, people will question everything you say. Even worse, you can even start to doubt yourself.

Here are 10 examples that prove that speaking a good game is as wrong as a three dollar bill:

Couch potato. It’s easy to talk about what you’re going to do, but if you want something to happen, shut up or shut up. I just say.

Start “Bank Warmer”. It’s easy to sip latte and judge from the sidelines. But people who can – do. People who can’t – criticize.

Person with promise. Promises are easy to make, but honorable people keep them. I promise it.

Quarterback on Monday morning. It is easy to predict the past, but in retrospect everything is obvious.

Procrastinator. It’s easy to make a New Year’s resolution, but promises are meaningless if you don’t keep them. Even the ones you make yourself.

Dreamer. It’s easy to have great ambitions, but unlike eggs, dreams don’t slip out of sitting on them.

Role model (not). It is easy to say what you stand for, but if words are not supported by actions, they are meaningless. Saying one thing, doing another does not cut you off. Do what I do, not as I say.

Maker. It’s easy to get others involved, but generous people don’t just play a good game, they increase theirs have Hand too.

Sorry person. It’s easy to apologize, but words are meaningless unless you change your behavior.

GREAT orator. It’s easy to brag past Successes, but what have you achieved lately?

If you want to be taken seriously, remember not to confuse a good game with keeping your word. If you say something … be serious. Act according to your intentions, keep your promises and keep your commitments. Let your voice stand for something. And make sure that your vows carry the full weight of your integrity. Are you all foam and not beer?

Are you all foam and not beer?

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