The Supreme Court is likely to hear a plea today against UGC’s guidelines on final exams International Education

Today, the Supreme Court is expected to end the lengthy debate over final audits taking place across the country. The petition submitted must be heard by a group of students before the Supreme Court, including a positive COVID student requesting cancellation of the final exams because they are against the “right to life.” According to the changed UGC guidelines, however, the universities will hold the semester final exams until the end of September. Of the 755 universities across India, 366 are expected to take exams in August or September, according to the UG.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has released its new guidelines that require the completion of final exams. However, the decision was heavily criticized. Although students and academics across India have requested mass funding based on internal reviews, UGC has maintained its position.

Speaking to the Bombay Supreme Court, the UGC said: “The decision to cancel the final exams would have a direct impact on the standards of higher education in India.”

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