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NAPPS praises the government for resuming school : Nigerian Education

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The National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS) has praised the federal and state governments for their determination to reopen schools starting August 4 so that SSS3 students in the country can sit down on their upcoming West African Senior School Certificate exam Prepare (WASSCE). .

In a statement released to on Monday, its national president Yomi Otubela stated that the development would allow students to join their colleagues in other West African countries to take the exam, which is now on To begin August 17, 2020.

The statement says in part: “This is particularly pleasing to students, parents, teachers, school owners and other stakeholders who have expressed concerns about the initial suspension.

“We thank the Federal Minister of Education and the Minister of State for Education for their paternal role in listening to our concerns about the suspension and taking steps to resolve them amicably.”

He also said that private school owners are required to ensure that all necessary security measures are in place in schools after resumption.

“NAPPS, as a responsible association, is fully prepared to ensure that private school management considers school safety to be a priority by ensuring that school staff, students and visitors strictly adhere to the school’s security protocols according to the COVID 19 guidelines for safe reopening of schools recommended by the Federal Ministry of Education, ”he added.

The NAPPS chair urged various state governments to follow suit by calling a virtual emergency meeting of everyone involved in public and private schools in their states, and educating them on what needs to be done after recognizing their state peculiarities to prevent the problem had spread of COVID – 19 in schools.

He added that this gives schools the opportunity to prepare for the general readmission of all students later.

In his words: “If the school is only reopened for SSS3 students, there is an opportunity to take physical distance into account.

“This is all the more true as we will take the opportunity of this resumption to assess the viability of school security protocols and hope that we can use the success to ensure that other students fully recover as soon as possible be included. “

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