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Not everyone dreams of a little piece of luxury, and not everyone can understand why you spend a month’s rent on something you can carry around with your keys, but investing in designers was a long-term goal of mine. Maybe it started seeing Sex In The City and Miss Bradshaw living her best life while wearing a pair of killer Manolos, or maybe I spent those years purring over my favorite magazines and wondering how it would be not to have to look up the prices at the bottom of the page, but (rightly or wrongly) I have long associated with achieving my most successful and successful life goals with a collection of amazing accessories.

In my youth, I was probably too focused on handing over my card and going away with a piece that I could cherish for a lifetime, but as an adult, I see it as a long-term investment rather than a frivolous level of ambiguity . Having a Givenchy handbag or a pair of Gucci loafers doesn’t mean you’re a better person or even better at your job. It just means that you have decided to invest in luxury instead of in any number of alternatives that are available to you.

Bags and shoes are my thing.

Questions to ask yourself before investing in designer hangbag shoes.  Chloe sandals slider

It is not a new revelation; Ever since I was able to choose my own clothes, I’ve been on my way to the accessories. I vividly remember longing for a 1960s-inspired white patent bag that I found in New Look and was no older than 14 when I had to wait and rescue and annoy my parents until it was mine . Each photo of me held this blooming white bag in my hand for about a year, though I had to put nothing but TicTacs and my mediocre pocket money in it, but the love was so strong that over twenty years later I can remember every detail.

I have definitely upgraded my accessories collection over the years, mostly because I try harder to shop and invest in parts that I know will last a lifetime. My age and financial situation allow me to exchange twenty impulse purchases that don’t last for a season for a designer piece that I know I can achieve year after year to become more beautiful with age and so many valuable memories to preserve. Every item I buy has a story, every piece is a deliberate purchase and every investment is something I want to pass on in the future.

So if you are considering buying a designer piece yourself, how do you know whether to take the plunge or not? Here are four important questions to ask before investing in designers …


This is absolutely the key question. If you spend a lot of money on designers, you can’t just like it – you have to LOVE it. There is a big difference between “having beautiful” and moving heaven and earth to get your hands on it, no matter how long it takes or what tires you have to jump through to make it a reality. It’s the kind of love I’m talking about.

Have you spent months returning to the store and disrupted sales help due to your lack of commitment? Is it opened so often in your browser that it becomes one of the most important recommendations on your homepage? When the seasons come and go, is it a piece you still believe will be valued and used until it falls apart? Can’t you get it out of your head and dream of the outfits you’ll create together? Then do it.

These Chloe sandals are the perfect example – something I’ve had in mind for over a year. I always thought they would be the perfect addition to my summer closet and I knew they would never go out of style. Finally I took the plunge and I’m so glad I did; They wear some wear, but I know they’ll come out year after year until they dissolve.

Will i wear it

And I don’t just mean a few times a year or saving “for the best”. I mean all the time. It makes little sense to spend a small fortune on something hidden in your closet because it doesn’t match anything other than a unique dress that only comes out for weddings with a black tie. You want to be able to bring it out almost every day to ensure that your wear and tear costs are as low as possible.

The pieces that I still love and carry to death are the black bags, the nude tote bags, and the statement pieces that go with everything. It’s not the fads on social media or the parts celebrities wear, but these little gems that I know I illogically adore will find a way to incorporate them into virtually any look.

I’ve made mistakes before, especially when I was drawn into the atmosphere of Bicester Village and bought pieces that weren’t practical at all or didn’t really fit my style. A large blue McQueen bag felt like a perfect idea at the time, but it’s a color I can’t get much out of and the straps aren’t long enough to carry over thick coats. I also indulged in an Anya Hindmarsh pudding cream bag that I had been dreaming about for about two years, only to find that I couldn’t really put my new phone in it – which makes everything pretty much useless. Buy wisely and you won’t regret it like me.

Questions to ask yourself before investing in designer hangbag shoes.  Chloe sandals slider

Is it an investment?

Many designer pieces are incredibly seasonal, fall out of favor within a year and wait for the next twenty years to fall into the “vintage” category. An investment piece is more of a classic (in shape, color, size, and style), with which you can be sure that you will look as good in a decade as you did on the day of purchase – so if you can’t imagine you can still achieve it for that in ten years, miss it.

It is also worth considering whether a piece retains its value or even gains in value in the long term. Chanel is known for increasing its prices every year. Vintage items now fetch higher amounts than brand new ones, so they’re a smart investment. But smaller brands, seasonal pieces, and unusual styles may not sell as well if you want to downsize.

Can i afford it?

Not rocket science, but no one should buy designers if it’s not in your budget. If you can’t buy it comfortably without relying on credit cards or delving into an overdraft, step back and start a savings plan until you can. To be honest, a lot of the joy is in anticipation – knowing that one day your dream piece will be yours, and enjoying every nano moment when you finally go and knowing that you have achieved your goal.

It also means so much more if you’ve worked for months, if not years, to be able to save something and then engage in something you know you want to flaunt at every opportunity . Every designer piece I own has its own story, which makes it all the more special and earns the money that is spent on it.

If you’ve answered these four questions carefully, you’re ready to take the plunge!
Just let me know what you have in mind so I can take a look too …
I’m all for investing more in designers!



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