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Protecting resources from hackers is more difficult than ever in today’s Internet age, where most processes are online and hackers can commit data theft or damage businesses remotely.

  • In June 2019, Tech Data Corp. reported A data breach that revealed access to 264 GB of his client servers, SAP integrations, invoices, plain text passwords and much more.
  • The telegraph reported These hackers stole information about up to 100,000 employees from Interserve, an outsourcing group.

These are just some examples. Data breaches are increasing.

As per Cybersecurity venturesCybercrime damage is expected to reach $ 6 trillion annually by 2021.

For this purpose, companies are becoming more and more aware. Various cyber security solutions must be used in organizations to protect against cyber attacks. When used properly, they can be very powerful to improve a company’s security situation.

To help you out, here are five cybersecurity solutions that your company should implement to improve cyber protection.

# 1 detection software

As hackers and cyber criminals continue to advance with their technologies and software, companies need to invest more in defense and cyber security.

The first step to cybersecurity is to review and understand the weaknesses in your corporate security. You can do an assessment to see how vulnerable you are. Here is an effective evaluation tool like CyberFit Score by Acronis can provide detailed information and report on the vulnerabilities of your system.

It is better to proactively identify and correct weaknesses in your system than to wait for your IT infrastructure and deal with the damage after a cyber attack.

# 2 anti-virus and anti-malware software

Antivirus software warns you of malware infections and viruses that are present on your computer. It also scans your emails etc. and notifies you when there are malicious links or attachments.

For better security against viruses and malware, you should start with that modern antivirus solution like Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Cloud. It is an AI-based solution and offers protection against malware or ransomware. Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Cloud also provides threat and vulnerability awareness that can quickly identify vulnerabilities in operating systems that your business may not be updating for weeks – a key entry point for malware.

# 3 cloud backup software

Backups can help businesses recover lost or compromised data caused by system failure, accidental deletion, disaster, or theft. The more up-to-date the backup is, the quicker and easier it can be to restore after the kickback. Cloud-based cybersecurity solutions not only secure your data, they also offer built-in security features to block any unknown access to it.

Some cloud storage providers may like Acronis Use the hybrid approach that combines local and cloud backups to provide flexible protection for hybrid backups, as well as backup and restore of your entire system.

Acronis also offers a monitoring tool that you can use to process the data that is transferred in your company. Overall, the risk of data loss is reduced by identifying the possibility of leakage of your sensitive business data for personal devices or other weakly protected endpoints.

Benefits of Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Cloud

Cyber ​​security solution

# 4 firewall

A firewall is seen as the core of cyber security solutions. It is the most important tool your company should have. A firewall monitors network traffic or connection attempts and blocks those who are not secure for your website or web application.

Experienced cyber criminals have figured out how to create data or applications that outsmart firewalls and gain access. To deal with it, you can use Network scanner These offer additional network protection against SQL injection, unauthorized resource access, cross-location scripting and other OWASP (Open Web Application Security) threats.

# 5 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

The best known use of PKI services is in SSL certificates. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protects a company and its critical information and helps to win the trust of customers. It ensures that all online communications are secure to reduce the risk of phishing scams. If your site has an SSL certificate, it can never be duplicated, which means that your site is less likely to get a phishing attack.

This makes SSL an essential cybersecurity solution to encrypt data on the network and make it inaccessible to online criminals.

Sum up

Take measures to protect your physical assets (laptops, smartphones, tablets) as well as your valuable personal belongings. Confidential information is stored on devices. Therefore, consider their security.

USB sticks or drives, for example, can store a large amount of data and are easily exposed to viruses, malware or theft. Another example could be mobile devices that contain confidential information that is secured with a single passcode. So you have to Protect devices with secure methods, including hard drive encryption, long passcode usage, and remote device wipe activation, which is used for business when needed.

A powerful cybersecurity strategy covers all areas that hackers can exploit. This requires the implementation of suitable tools and services that keep the infrastructure secure. We have provided some of the key cybersecurity solutions that have proven to be extremely effective and economical.

Tell us which cybersecurity solution or tool you use to combat security threats? Are you looking for additional instructions for improving security in your company? Please contact us – you can write your comment below. We’re here to help.

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