The Link Up: Caitlin’s most comfortable romper, the TV show BOTH Emily and Brian Like and The Perfect Lip Stain Home Renovation

It’s Sundaaaaaayyyy! We hope you make something like chocolate cake and hear the classic ‘Sunday Morning’ from when Maroon 5 … well, let’s just say that the song is from their best album. Anyway, we hope you have a great weekend and let’s take a look at the treats this week.

First we have an absolutely breathtaking journey home. And can we talk about the kitchen tags? We have to have a crush on them because they give me butterflies. Also make sure to scroll to the last photo as this color is absolutely delicious. Quote Arlyn’s new blog (which you should definitely check if you haven’t already): “I like my rooms the way I like my hot dog: with mustard.”

Now to the show …

From Emily: I just started looking The great and it could be one of the few shows that Brian and I both like equally at the moment. Writing is crazy and production design sends us into a world far beyond our four walls that we are all looking for right now.

By Jess: “Good” fragrances (I use quotes because this qualifier is subjective) are more than just a way to make your home (or body) smell good. It can be time machines that take you back in time or feel like you are something very special. I still sniff my mother’s perfume quickly when I feel like I need a hug. It was very useful during quarantine. But last Monday I received my order from Redoux – a bar of soap and a candle. I ordered from them for the first time, so I didn’t know what to do other than (apart from rave reviews) when I opened the box. I put my nose to the candle and immediately felt comfortable, but not in a way “ooo that smells good” (what it did), but in the “why do I know this smell?” Path. Then I looked at the card that accompanied the candle and the scent was described as “The nostalgia Summer in New York. “I immediately realized that it was my lightness. A scent of happy memories of warm summer evenings in New York. I got almost foggy before I said,” Jess, it’s a candle. Pull yourself together. ” Basically, I am now an eternal customer. I’ve actually ordered two more. I really found my summer candle and cannot recommend it enough. I know that sounds like a completely biased review, but with the combination of bergamot, geranium, ginger and sandalwood, it’s a simple candle, and I hope that it too can remind you of easier, nicer summer evenings. (The soap also smells AMAZING, but in a normal, non-tearful way :))

Also from Jess: I need help! My favorite t-shirt is no longer available and most of the ones I have are not doing well. Apparently, it is enough to wear them continuously for four months. So I would LOVE some suggestions. Here’s what I want: flattering for a larger breast, longer than a cap sleeve, without a breast pocket (sorry Madewell), light and medium length. Too much?? Keep your fingers crossed. I am happy about every recommendation 🙂

From Caitlin: 4 months ago, when the quarantine was just beginning (it feels like YEARS AGO), we made a summary of our favorite comfortable clothes to stay indoors. Sara recommended that lightweight sleeveless romper and AHH, I’ve loved it ever since! I literally wore it almost every day this week (the team can confirm this from our daily zooms). It’s so flattering for normal life (I ordered an XL because I was worried that it would shrink or clingy, but it doesn’t do any of these things! Honestly, I could have gotten away with a medium or large), but it is also a game changer for washing day. It has such deep pockets – I use one for my detergent capsules and one for all of my quarters – and it’s breathable enough that I don’t feel like I’m going to die if I drag 60 pound weighted duvets and towels down the street my laundromat. The goal is simply to make rompers that are suitable for straight body types AND actually fit breasts and butts. (Remember when all EHD bought and worn the same for Halloween? Do you remember how you were in close proximity with friends?) At least I have that in mind short boiler suit next, and will likely get bigger again just to be sure, unless someone has feedback!

From Mallory: Sara made a few IG stories for Ems Instagram a few weeks ago and when she sent them to me I replied, “Your lip color looks so good, what is it and where can I buy it?” She said it is this pure lip stain which I bought straight away because her lips looked so good (hope it doesn’t come across as funny). Your lips feel deliciously soft, cool and velvety. BOY Oh BOY, I love wearing this villain every day. Enjoy!

From Julie: In my personal opinion, it’s too hot these days to burn a candle all day while I’m working. So I just bought it instead This very pretty oil diffuser so my office / bedroom / yoga studio doesn’t smell like what I had for lunch that day. There are four different scents to choose from and I chose ‘Harmony’ (the world and I need a little more of it now), a mix of Amyris – had to do a quick Google search for this, like bergamot my morning tea and olibanum oils that give off a woody, subtly floral and slightly spicy fragrance. Everyone! My room smells delicious !!!

Also from Mallory: I bought this lantern I found for sale on the world market and it is a great addition outdoors. Until now I had no idea how strong a supple lantern shines … 10/10 recommend if you can find it in a shop near you !!

From Sara: Since eyeliner is the only makeup I can wear these days that appears over the mask, I rocked this small brights in emerald, cobalt and orange.

Another from Caitlin: I have just been removed from the waiting list for the dead Online wish list This is currently in beta and Y’ALL I LOVE IT. It’s like a personal gift list and SO MUCH BETTER than Pinterest to keep track of all the things I’ve found and want to buy! (My bag is currently only filled with Lex Pott candles and these statues that I keep getting targeted IG ads but can’t really justify going on and now I can’t wait to send my bag around for Christmas instead of saying, “Uhh, I don’t need anything ???”) I can definitely recommend getting on this waiting list !!!

Effortless composition (very sweet home decor) has an online sample sale from August 2nd to 4th! Mark your calendars … it will be fine!

Well, they’re all people. We meet next week! xx

Open photo credits: Design by Sascal Studio | Photo of Angus Williams | over Home therapy

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