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We start the new school year next week. I know. It’s early. Two weeks earlier than our local public school district. There are many reasons why we are starting now.


Enjoy summer and hydrangeas as long as they last.

First, we need 30 weeks of tuition before the national standardized test, which you will take in March 2021. I add Christmas holidays, Thanksgiving holidays and sick days and count back to a date in early August.

Second, we could sneak onto the beach in September or October. Or we go camping a few times in autumn. Or both. This COVID-19 situation did everything in the air very well, but I make sure that good things come.

Third, it is just so hot that there is nothing we can do outside but go to the river or the pool. We did this several times and got away with sunburn despite sunscreen. It’s a ridiculous problem compared to the world pandemic around us, but there you have it. We spend a lot of time in the house. Why not be busy with schoolwork?

Fourth, we were pretty lazy about our instruments this summer. When we get back to the school schedule, the kids have to practice every day if they want to go to the screen. It’s all about rewards here. At least it’s not sugar, is it?

Last but not least, due to COVID-19, we don’t know much about our extra-curricular activities. Could also start our homework and get a head start before we have to run to audition for orchestras, etc.

Homeschoolers ask me which planner I use. I use Trello to have a weekly schedule at a glance. Our topics don’t change from week to week. For example, if I need a quick reminder of what else we should do on Wednesday, I quickly call Trello on my phone and check the board.

Individual lesson plans are saved in a file on my computer that I can print out and put in my three-ring folder. I have found that my teacher binder is useful. Reading lists, lesson plans (weekly chapter assignments), annual goals, all opportunities and goals that I take up and think: “That would be a great idea for March” etc. I regularly go through it and throw or keep what has accumulated.

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