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If you miss a bit of French-style magic in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Adding a touch of Parisian glamor to your personal space will never hurt and enliven your home with chic highlights and beautiful details. Here is your ultimate French style guide for furnishing Parisian apartments.

Tips and styling for Paris apartments

Choose simple bedding

Although you can buy bedding in all kinds of colors, styles, and sizes, the French method is to keep it simple yet chic by choosing simple bedding for your sleeping area. If you want to get a cozy yet boutique hotel feel, opt for plain white sheets or maybe white sheets with a simple design. I especially love all of the bedding from this firm and have their sheets on my bed!

Paris Apartment Style Guide: choose simple bedding

Less is more

When it comes to minimalism, many Parisians got to the point. Many of us live in such small apartments (When it comes to a studio for a single person, anything over 300 square meters is considered luxurious)Most Parisians have managed to reduce their belongings to what is absolutely necessary.

When designing your own space, think about what you really love instead of keeping something to keep something. Even if your personal space is slightly larger than that of an average Parisian, you might consider eliminating clutter to create the illusion of a larger space and a quieter environment.

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Keep your room functional

And while we’re dealing with minimalism and the “less is more” mentality, it’s worth noting that one of the most French-inspired ways to keep your home in top shape is to keep everything working.

The key element to get the most out of a small or large room is to only have things in your room that actually serve a purpose. And I don’t necessarily mean that it has to be a dishwasher stand or an open corkscrew!

Functionality can also be an object of beauty to admire, for example a painting. When it comes to decorating your room, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself or visitors by hanging too much art on the walls or hanging ornaments on your fireplace. Each piece should be selected so that it stands out for itself and for its special advantages.

Wine in Paris

Add some plants

Paris is not known as a particularly “green” city, and many residents of the city have become particularly aware of this when they have confined themselves to small parts of the city and in many cases to parts of the city that are anything but completely free of green spaces.

If you just want to adopt a style note from the Parisians, make your interior a little greener! And you don’t have to have the greenest fingers to benefit from some houseplants. Great indoor plants for beginners include Sansevierias, Peace Lilies, Anthuriums and Monstera Deliciosas (The Swiss cheese plants you’ve probably seen all over Instagram).

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Create a home office area that you enjoy working in

Since many of us set up part-time jobs or simply teleworking from the comfort of your own home, it is more important than ever to have a place to work in your home. Of all the tips I could give you when working from home, it would be to separate your relaxation room from your bedroom.

This makes it easier for you to really switch off at the end of your working day and take a break from work. When it comes to a Paris-inspired workspace, the tips I would give are similar to the rest of your apartment. Simple, harmonious and above all functional.

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Lights & door handles

As you may be experiencing, it’s all about the little features, touches, and details when it comes to bringing a little French flair to your interior. One way to do this is to add chic lights.

When I first moved into my Paris apartment, I was quite surprised that the lights were all pretty glittery and sparkling. a mini chandelier and two other crystal lampshades. Over time, I have loved these glittering features more and more, especially as they stand out from the rest of my simple, simple decor. When it comes to buying your own, I love itor love this It’s a little bit more modern.

Lights & door handles Lights & door handles

Gold-gilt mirrors

Just like the lights, you can add a little glamor to your home without going overboard, as long as you keep the highlights to a minimum. If you spy a photo of a Parisian apartment on Instagram, you will likely see a golden mirror or two, all of them vintage. like this one. For fun and unique golden mirrors with an unusual atmosphere, I recommend Etsy (Find golden mirrors on Etsy here).

Gold-gilt mirrors

The power of a small table

When I was growing up, my parents always had small tables in the living room. Until I lived alone, I never really understood the draw. However, small tables are invaluable because they are easy to move, house plants, and can add a little chic decor to your home.

There is a mirror table in my apartment like this one and a small coffee table with marble top like this oneI both really love. Not only are they versatile and helpful when I want to serve food to guests, they also add different levels to my apartment, which is especially helpful if you live in a place with low ceilings!

Paris Apartment Decor: A French Style Guide

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