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Oran and Al S., wonderful links. There is really a difference in terms of Japanese law and culture. It is doubtful whether a lawyer could afford to advertise to customers who are suing transit due to the results of borrowing out the window at the highest ventilation speed.

But the F-Line F-ootage appeals to me powerfully and says: The New Economy, which our little friends of COVIDIAL are opening, paves the way for … these attractive and maintenance-friendly trams with and without roofs will offer both a lot of employment and many more Community college curricula on our region’s transit routes (including those from Seattle).

Regarding the history of the light rail, I was told that the quality of the 737 as an airplane deserves the full attention of Boeing management. Since both cities start with an “S”, St. Louis will not mind if we take over the “Car Company” part. Product with an excellent worldwide record.

Deriving the PCC president could be difficult. Does Siemens have one at all? Since Elon Musk has to wait until there is a pampered Petulant Anti-Union Autocrat Committee (SPAUAC) offering their distinctive interplanetary car-handling robots for moon wages, we may have to settle for WOCC (worker-owned-co-op) chairman).

BIGGEST DISCLOSURE OF EVERYONE: We can start the police defunding that Chief Carmen and Sheriff Mitzi will spray pepper spray on each other to find approval! These giant yellow arrows that follow zebra crossing violators will not only cause all offenders who hate masks to give them intergalatic REMOVAL. But QANON is not only FREE, it also ensures that no pizzeria in New York makes you point and pop.

Mark Dublin

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