How to add a rope to the swing bed chain Home Renovation

How to rope a swing bed chain is easier than you think!

We really enjoy our rocking bed and the entire patio this summer and adding ropes to the rocking bed chains was one of the best things I did to get it done. You see, I had a swing bed in mind for several years before I actually got my own. Thanks to my sweet husband Mark, he made my swing bed dreams come true when he bought this for me last Christmas and surprised me the hell.

One of the first rocking beds I had a rope on my chains from was the Southern Living Idea home in Nashville, TN, which I visited for a blog event in 2013. This one is more loosely hung than I am, but it’s definitely open to interpretation of how your swing should look. I like this method, but have brought it closer and closer together.

Here is my ready swing, so I’ll show you how I did it.

Be sure to measure your chain to see how much you need to cover it. If I had done more and loosened up, I probably wouldn’t have used that much rope.

Here is the 50 ‘rope I got from Amazon. It was perfect for my swing and I had just enough for all 4 chains. I thought that would be enough for my swing and that was it. I unrolled the rope, found the middle by flipping it over, and then cut it exactly in the middle. Then I folded over these 2 pieces of rope and found the middle of these 2 pieces and cut them so that I had 4 pieces of rope about the same length.

This rope has 3 strands woven together, so I took the first piece and started on one of my chains. I opened the strands and started tying it up on the chain and on the big hook in the ceiling.

You can see that in the picture above. I just tied it off and then started wrapping the rope down and around the chain so that it was about the same distance between each turn so it looked even on the chain. Again, you can loosen it up if you like. My goal was to make it look like the rope was hanging it up, not just the chain. The rope just hides the chain and makes it look better.

I just unwrapped each piece of rope down the chain and then tied the lower piece the same way as above, with the 3 strands not woven so I could tie them to the chain and hook them down.

One by one, I covered each chain until I was done and it took less than an hour.

Here’s a look at the bottom of the rope and chain. As soon as I have taken apart the 3 strands of the rope a little to tie it, it forms a kind of tassel below. It’s very casual and stays fine.

So I added a rope to my swing bed for my chain. I love the look and it completes everything so well.

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