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Small businesses are driving the economy, and the only thing that is currently preventing the economy from stalling is the fact that two-thirds of the Americans were able to continue working from home during the pandemic. Stopping the pandemic is our top priority. A nation of people dealing with lifelong COVID complications associated with the deaths of millions of people is guaranteed to decimate the economy.

Technology is the key

Keeping the economy going depends, however, on how we use the technology available to us and what technological advances result from this difficult time. Technology will pave the way for economic recovery. Here’s how.

First of all, this pandemic showed us how important universal broadband access is. Much like the WPA made people build national parks and roads, we could make them unemployed to build an internet infrastructure to ensure that every American has access to the high-speed internet. This plays right into the next point – how technology stops a complete breakdown.

Accommodation and access

Second, working from home has shown us that people don’t have to be in an office all day. Because of the technology we already have, much of our office life is spent in front of a computer. Most meetings can be emails. When collaboration is needed, tools like Slack and Zoom can fill those gaps.

Working from home not only keeps our economy alive, it will also pave the way for economic recovery. Giving more people access to jobs means that a higher percentage of the population can work, and that is what disability advocates have been fighting for for decades – reasonable accommodation for people who want to work.

Companies like AirBNB, Uber, Warby Parker and Groupon started in the last economic recession. What all these companies have in common is that they give more people better access to cost-effective options for the things they need, which has helped us get out of the great recession.

We are ready to make even more technological advances through this economic downturn. From universal broadband to 5G technology, communication is becoming more important than ever and will be a key driver of this revolution.

What amazing technological advances are on the horizon? Find out more about the economic recovery from the infographic below.

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