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Another block added to the wall and the second of my blocks for Land Summoners should be done today. Each block lasts about an hour if I stick to it and don’t jump around to do other things – these blocks end at 8.5 inches. I only need 20 for this quilt – but I could make this quilt a bigger quilt and go on with it next year to do the colors that are always in demand. As I mentioned yesterday, I really didn’t feel like doing the required dark blue blocks, so I’m going red this month instead.


The second block is cut out and ready to sew. I will link to SoScrappy today


Besides that, I worked out of junk Marina sauce – Recipe on the link at the top right of the blog under Recipes – I keep forgetting to add more recipes. I didn’t have enough ripe tomatoes, so I had to add a few canned tomatoes to get the 8 cups of crushed that the recipe requires. I ended up with 3 full pins in the smaller scanner and part of another one that I will use for something in the next few days. This was right after I took out the jars and those who know about canned food will see that some of the jars aren’t sealed yet – they did. I no longer have ripe tomatoes and have to wait a few days until there are more – we had 2 days or free and with rain and clouds and they did not ripen as quickly as before – but a lot of green ones.


Aside from the little one I showed above, I spent Friday reading a book – Western women from Sandra Dallas on loan from the library to my Kindle – I don’t think I’ve ever read any of her books and so far I like it. Around 1850 wagon trains of women traveling to California to find husbands.

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