The song under the virus resume Christianity

Can you hear it? It is the song of the ages that is still playing under the virus and everything that has changed in our world. It is fresh from your father’s heart and invites you to his reality.

It’s not the loudest song in the wind. The fear of the virus and the daily body count are getting louder. The resentment of social hatred will drown it out, and it can easily be swallowed up by the inconsistent strains of fear and anger that dominate these troubled times.

But among all of these, his song still plays as surely as the rising sun, triumphant than the most exquisite symphony.

You won’t be able to focus on arguing over masks or getting angry about the next election. You won’t hear it if you speculate about conspiracies or your hopes of prophecies still to be fulfilled about an upcoming revival. You won’t find it safe in your imaginary future.

They have no idea what is coming, and neither of these voices. The honest will tell you that. Your certainty must now be in Jesus and Him alone. All others are mere illusions. They may comfort for the moment, but if they fail, how deep will this pain be? Favorable and unfavorable circumstances will come and go. The only refuge is to leave yourself the amazing love of a gracious father and see how his divine purpose unfolds around you. He’ll never let you down.

Come away, my beloved!

There! Did you hear it?

Maybe it was just a few notes, but even a little of it will breathe hope into your exhausted heart. You will recognize it as the soothing melody that invites you next to its calm water, where peace and tranquility will flood your fear and sadness. Linger there and lean away from anxious thoughts and angry inner and outer voices.

His song has a different rhythm. It is enough. You are deeply loved. All of creation is still in his hands.

There is no fear or frustration in his song. Its gentle and quiet tones draw you deeper into its heart, where fear no longer thrives. It enables you to accept a reality that is far more consistent than anything we see with your eyes or hear with our ears. It calms your heart with the confidence that God is big enough for that too.

None of this surprised Jesus. He didn’t put you on your own. His release does not wait for a future day. Jesus assured us that his father always works. That includes you … today. He has a way for you, even if someone you love gets the virus. Even if your company doesn’t survive. Even if our culture breaks down around you. Even if this is your time to join him in a kingdom that has no end. Even if all of this disappears in the next few months.

He has plans you haven’t thought about yet.

Come away, my beloved.

His melody is an invitation, not an obligation. You will find it more clearly in this calm place in your soul where Jesus makes himself known. It may take a while to get your ears back on its tune and keep it in your heart. It is worth the time. You will know that you have found it when your heart takes a deep breath and begins to rest in the casual rhythms of its grace.

You can’t see that, you say? Well, you don’t have to. You just have to see him. Take his hand and follow his guidance as best you can feel him today. Wake up tomorrow and find the song again.

Everything else in the world will try to keep you from this tune and pull you back into its noise. You do not have to go. You can always return to the calm water and bathe there. Here you have the wisdom to master the challenges of every day without being afraid of your imaginary future. You will know how to react prudently to the presence of the virus in our world and to find compassion for others around you.

If you are at peace in turmoil, his song will flow through you and amplify it in your corner of the world. Then it will be easier for others to hear and maybe find the way to peace.

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