Scatter, Unschooling and Charlotte Mason Unschooling

July 24, 2020

July 24, 2020


This week I’m sharing and discussing two stories about scattering:

Time for some sprinkling

Unschooling when Charlotte Mason also appeals to our hearts

I also talk about overwhelming times, how we don’t have to be perfect and how we look for the joys of our day.

Show notes

A blog post

Unschooling when Charlotte Mason also appeals to our hearts


Episode 151: All About Scattering

Episode 30: Why classical music is not enough

A book

The book of joy by Ross Gay

My unschooling books

Curious schoolboy: Kindle

Curious schoolboy: paperback

Radical Unschool Love: Kindle

Radical Unschool Love: Paperback

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My stories of an unschool family community


Sue Elvis


Stories of an unschooled family

Where the Carol Birds sing

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