Podcast Episode 326: Stay Creative – New Crafts & Old Favorites Knitting

Today we take a short break from all things knitting and share some of the OTHER crafts we’ve been experimenting with lately. At Knit Picks we are also knitters and We do other things too.

First, Hillary and Hannah talk about what it’s like to learn a new craft from scratch. Hillary explored the vast world of ceramics at home and Hannah dipped a careful toe in the punching needle! Everyone learns something new. They give some examples of things that have been helpful in their new craft explorations.

Next, Stacey and Lee describe their recent attempts at sewing. Both have been sewing for years, but lately it has become a full-time interest. The common theme for Stacey and Lee was the discovery of the perfect, challenging project, which meant they reached a new level of experience. These topics and milestones apply to knitting and many crafts. Stay tuned for some great audio book and podcast recommendations to keep you entertained while crafting!

As always … have fun crafting!

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Mentioned in this episode:
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Ball winder
Arounna Instagram
Double M ceramic Instagram
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Lees sew pinterest boards
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Fen dress pattern
Yanta overalls pattern
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Lee’s first (of many) LB sweaters
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Eloquent anger
Lies My teacher told me
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W. Kamau Bell’s unpleasant thoughts
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The storm
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Time stamp:
0:00 introduction with Hannah
1:03 AM Hannah and Hillary talk about learning new crafts
21:13 Lee and Stacy talk about their love of sewing
49:55 credits

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