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When I googled “Happy Day” to get some ideas for my greeting card, I came across some thought-provoking quotes:

I tend to think that I’m more “blessed” than happy. Because I believe that my life and circumstances are in the hands of my Lord. But I had a fun experience a few years ago when I felt the “happy mojo”.

My husband and I are not gamers, but we stopped at a casino in Lincoln City, Oregon, to say hello to an old classmate who worked there. On the way out, my husband gave me a $ 5 bill and asked me to play a lottery machine. I didn’t know how the machine worked except to put the bill in the slot. It was said to be 5 credits when the invoice was received. So I hit a button and showed “10 credits”. To his dismay, I pressed the button again and he called out too late … “Oh no, you just won $ 10.00,” knowing that the amount would be unlikely to increase. “

To our astonishment, the machine said “30 credits” and I immediately knew how happy it was to increase the amount. I hit the payout button and we went to the window to get 3 ten dollar bills! That was my lucky day! Teehee.

Have a blessed day!

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