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With almost 700 (Yes, you read that right!) Blog posts in our 10 year history have shared blogger bloggers’ perspectives on a variety of writing topics and many ways of thinking about writing. Writing is such a rich topic for a blog because there are so many ways to write about writing.

However, we have found that the faculty perspective on writing is very important and useful for students, as much as you all like to hear about writing from the writing center. The faculty has a wealth of knowledge that contributes its experience as a teacher and as a writer. For this reason, we are happy to present our new project to you. FacultyVoices: Walden Talks Writing.

To develop these videos, the writing center staff asked faculty members from across the university a number of questions. Drs. Allyson Wattley Gee, Catherine Kelly, Darci Harland, Gregory Campbell, Kim Critchlow and Laurel Walsh generously gave us time to give their written advice and views on academic integrity, social change and writing a doctoral thesis. We are grateful for your contributions and your willingness to work with us. Each provided insight into writing that all students can benefit from, including sharing their own experiences and writing challenges.

You can find all videos of Faculty Voices on our FacultyVoices: Walden Talks Writing Page and integrated on our website and via the list below. We hope you choose one you want to see so that you can benefit from the experience, advice and expertise of this faculty!

  • Introductions to the faculty:: Find out more about each of our employees
  • Academic integrity:: Learn what academic integrity is and how students can avoid academic integrity
  • Writing for social change:: Think about how writing and social change are connected and find out what experiences our employees have had in writing to achieve social change
  • Writing process:: Learn from the many years of experience of our employees how you can develop a strong and effective writing process

The WaUniversity Writing Center offers a wide range of student tuition and editing services, including student, doctoral, and postgraduate writing support.

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