Bye, bye week 30, 2020 Women

Bye, bye week 30, 2020.

Lockdown Heart-Throb, Joe Wicks. Photo credit. Conor McDonnell

It was interesting. Joe Wicks, the guru for high-intensity interval training and Lockdown Heart-Throb, called the time for his 18-week training.

Back, Boris, leave poor Eeyore alone.

Members of the Tory Party uttered AA Milne’s words during the Prime Minister’s Question Time. 🥱 If Boris Johnson thinks it would be wonderful for the opposition party to stop channeling. ‘the spirit of Eeyore‘. Retire from Boris and let poor Eeyore out of your prime minister’s gimmicks.

In the meantime, restricted flights and ferry connections to and from Jersey are being checked. Especially the crossings to St. Malo, because there was a Covid 19 spike in Brittany. And it’s not just the St. Malo Jersey car ferry that operates Half-Cock, the company that handles cargo and foot passenger baggage in St. Malo has gone into liquidation. The bateau that brings the Pinot Grigio that I drink to the island has not sailed, and the supply has run dry on site. Au Secours! Boxes of it (not everything for me) sit on the quay in St. Malo.

But that’s the draw for our sceptered island. The lack of ferries doesn’t seem to stop some very naughty people from sailing here in their overseas registered ships, including those registered in France.

Determined seals have moored here or on a specific ledge six miles northeast of Jersey without following the correct Covid-19 procedures. 😱 Listen, you wayward Jack Tars, you have to play the game in these strange times.

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While on the topic of rule violations a word of warning. A Jersey resident has been fined £ 6,000 for violating Guernsey Covid-19’s self-isolation rules. If you are in another room, follow the rules.

Plus ça change.

And me? I’ve been pushing around trying to overcome last week’s disappointments and unsuccessfully trying to attract new readers with parts I haven’t seen before Just say it! As well as bits that have been.

On Tuesday I had an uplifting lunch in the sunshine with the writer Dreena Collinsand a friend of hers who had just finished reading Just say it! She was a lot more optimistic than I was lately, so I needed that boost.

Later that day, I had an email saying that a 75-word excerpt from it Just say it! would be presented on Planet paragraph On Wednesday. Two boosts in one day to boost my declining morale.


I spent Wednesday bringing my family and friends together to look at (and like) my 75 words Planet paragraph. Dreena, headed the indictment, closely followed by T, G, B and P. Many thanks to everyone, and I also made a few new friends as a writer, which has tirelessly enlivened me. I have other family members and friends, but I understand that not everyone spends as much time on social media as I do. 😏

I also tried to trick my Facebook and Twitter followers into reading my short story Broken, my only attempt to write suspense. Broken is about a young woman who spends a Sabbath year in the United States and is wrongly accused of murder. I reread it this morning and my eyes narrowed. I think I should stick to writing ironic pieces.


Until Thursday, I focused on the work-in-progress, you know, the fake thriller? So I fed my social media followers – sorry – with a relapse from 2017. An exciting account of how you got stranded at Exeter Airport and how you developed a love for Lemon Sherbet Popcorn.

Today I’m freewheeling. I woke up with this feeling on Friday and enjoyed the resurgence of my joie de vivre.

One step forward, two steps back; Writing is like that, but it only takes a few positive vibrations before I start taking small steps to get the F-word back into my writing. Fun. And to write this fake thriller The secret Life of the Doyenne from Didsbrook does exactly that.

Anyway, it’s almost time to say goodbye, goodbye week 30, 2020, and Joe Wicks, who made so many Lockdown Ladies very happy.

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you clear your way for the weekend. I wish you blue sky and fun under the sun. Thank you for reading and have a nice weekend.

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