Blog worlds collide! Portraits n ‘Pods Edition. Home Renovation

Two funny things happened recently and I’m here to report!

First funny thing: some time ago, Amanda wrote me on Instagram if I want her to paint a portrait of my house! And send it to me! Um, YES! Then, like every self-respecting millennium, I switched to the troll her Instagram account for an hour in their own beautiful house in Montana. This led to a lot of confusing feelings because I didn’t realize that I wanted to move to Montana too and live under an apparent screen saver. Wonderful!

The problem with this plan was that the front of my house doesn’t look too good. The front also has a vinyl siding that I want to remove (unlike on the other side of the street), the concrete base of the portico needs to be repaired, the cornices are messed up, the windows need to be restored and the sign “No parking” is a real one Damn. I cannot explain the pruning; The electrical company did it.

So Amanda worked with me when I requested a few changes because I would rather have a portrait without the things that drive something crazy and plan to change as the renovation progresses. And then This came in the mail and



There is this thing that happens, I think, when you renovate an old house: you kind of get lost in the Project of everything (see: list of optimizations above) that you somehow forget how special that is what you are working on. And the house up there? she is a beautiful. I am so happy that I can take care of them. Amanda did it.

The level of detail and care are amazing! I asked if she could include my golden mirror numbers (which I have not yet specified. GET IT TOGETHER, DANIEL) and she not only specified but also used them Gold color that actually shimmers and sparkles I mean, you can too. So good.

After ordering a frame and then deciding that it wasn’t good enough, I stole the frame from an unused mirror, cut off a piece of glass, and mounted it on linen myself. By linen I mean a linen cloth. It’s quarantine, baby! Use what you have!

I hung it in my bedroom and it is something special for me. It is a good reminder of what this work is for and what it can be. This is really the next thing I’ve ever seen to show what the house would look like restored, and I didn’t know what an emotional experience it would be until I held it in my hands and noticed all the little details Amanda carefully enclosed. It’s just the coolest thing! I love it so much.

You can also get your own house portrait! AmandaCurrently, this 8×10 size is selling for $ 125 + shipping, which I think is a bargain. She also paints other buildings so that it could also be a special place like a wedding venue or … use your imagination! I think it’s such a good gift for a new homeowner or for someone who reminds of a special children’s home. I don’t know your business! However, the whole process was an absolute delight and I am just blown away by how perfect it is. Thank you very much, Amanda!! You can follow Amanda on Instagram at @ourhumbleabodeor check out her blog!

OK, fun thing # 2! Stacey from Blake Hill House and Devyn from our Philly Row invited me to be on their podcast True stories from old houses! Once again, um, YES. I have come to basically tolerate my own voice and enjoy enjoying terrorizing Instagram on a regular basis so that it only feels natural to expand into the podcast area. I also like to talk about myself at this point, because it’s more or less everything I do.

What time to be amiritic?

AS ALWAYS Stacey and Devon are only the most beautiful people and such thoughtful and generous interviewers! I had such a good time chatting and then immediately forgot everything I said and then worried that I would sound so stupid and maybe I will, but you can decide for yourself. That’s your business. It’s a fun conversation that touches on hot topics like old houses, burn-out, psychiatric drugs, fauxdenzas, and a thorough check of the color beige. Not! To! Be! Missing!

Feel free Listen here or on your podcast app! Stacey and Devon do a great job with the show, so you can enjoy three full seasons if you’ve never listened. My buddy Alex with Old town house season four started with them and this guy knows everything. Subscribe and review the podcast so others can find it!

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