A defense of “out of scale” buildings – news Urban Planning

“Are tall buildings that tower above their surroundings inappropriate?”

That’s the question Daniel Herreges asked to begin an article that provides provocative points about a long-held belief in the separation of cities from their tallest buildings into certain discrete neighborhoods, usually the Central Business District (CBD) .

Another question follows about the types of landscapes illustrated by rock towers surrounded by flat land and how these landscapes are usually accepted as beautiful and compared to examples in cities where tall buildings are surrounded by shorter buildings.

The article relies on visual elements to increase this potential hypocrisy and allow more buildings in cities, even in neighborhoods outside the CBD.

Herreges also uses words to convince the reader: “The point is that the argument that tall buildings should not exist near short buildings for reasons of compatibility is essentially a matter of subjective preferences, and we should be intellectually honest about this detect.”

Herreges ties up the discussion with his own letter from March of this year on the “waste language” of planning, to which he also belongs “out of scale”.

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