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Are you trying to rekindle intimacy in quarantine? Today I want to talk about how couples can meander through these very interesting times.

Intimacy & synergy

While many couples who live together have spent more time together, they have also lost the support of the infrastructure in their lives. Instead of having working hours, time at home and time with the family, everything has melted together. As a result, many couples have lost their marriage rituals and time alone from children when they have them. While they have more time together, they don’t get a good time.

1. Think outside the box

Summer is a wonderful time to regain date nights for you and your loved one. Date night in and of itself can be a misnomer. Many couples prefer to do something alone during the day, like going on a hike together. Appointments don’t have to happen at night. We live in a changed reality, so you may need to be more creative with your date activities than you would normally be.

My husband and I had a wonderful date the other day when we got a delicious takeaway meal and then took a scenic drive up into the mountains. French 75 Downtown made a great dinner with food and wine for us. We took it with us and then talked to the sommelier about zoom. It was actually one of the funniest dates we’ve had in a while. Try to think outside the box and make it suitable for your security protocols.

2. Get some time from your partner

The second thing to consider is when it’s time to rekindle the passion, spend some time apart from your partner. Maybe you can go out without your partner and come back with more longing. Quarantine has stifled eroticism in many households. Being around the clock is not a recipe for lively passion. We have to feel separated from someone to really desire him again. If you get that, maybe plan some time apart and see if it helps to light some flames.

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