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I am studying this semester at University of Arkansas Rome Center. Although I’m completing a double degree in agricultural communication and leadership, I’m with 90 other students studying fashion, architecture and global studies at the UA Rome Center. I am one of the few students in the global study program and I am currently achieving one Minor subject in the subject while I’m abroad! Not only can I study in a place full of history and culture, but I can also expand my academic portfolio and not go back to school. How cool is that

I love the center of Rome. It is located in a wing of the Palazzo Taverna in Rome’s historic district and directly opposite the Vatican City. Yes. It’s so cool. Classes differ from U from A. for many reasons. However, many of the instructors like to say, “Rome is our classroom.” We spend about half our time in the classroom and the other half in historical sites in Rome to deal with something connect that we discussed in class. Rome is literally our classroom. It’s a Dream!
Of course, the faculty and staff encourage us to travel and appreciate everything Europe has to offer. A couple of friends and I recently went on a weekend trip to Florence and Pisa. While it was only a short train ride north, everything was so new and exciting. In Florence I visited the Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia, where I could see art by Da Vinci, Botticelli and Michelangelo. See the statue of David personally … unbelievable! My friends and I went and shop and laughed. I have eaten the best Margherita pizza of my life. Hands down. Florence was quiet with a medieval feel; I really loved it. We spent Friday and Saturday there, but on Sunday we went to Pisa. We took the typical tourist pictures with the Leaning Tower and of course had so much fun. It was a great trip!
It was interesting to get to know the peculiarities of transportation in Rome. I learned to navigate the subway and trains, but I wasn’t brave enough to try the bus. I have heard from many of our faculties in central Rome that buses are usually off-schedule and can be somewhat unreliable. If you’re a planner like me, sheer uncertainty is enough to get you away. However, I prefer to go for a walk. Sometimes we run 5 miles in a day or more! It takes about 25 minutes to get from my apartment to school. A walk through Castel Sant’Angelo, Porte Sant’Angelo and the Vatican City on my way to and from school makes the walk easy. There is nothing better than crossing a bridge (built in AD 134) over the Tiber on a school path. In case you were wondering, I still can’t believe I’m here. I’m not sure I’ll ever get tired.
For advice I have based on what I’ve learned in the past 3 weeks – bring peanut butter! I LOVE peanut butter and was just looking for Nutella. There is Nutella everywhere. Nutella Gelato, Nutella Croissants, Nutella Muffins, Nutella Toast etc. I am sure there is peanut butter somewhere, so don’t worry, I will find it.
Ciao from Roma!

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Prior to the suspension of the study abroad program in spring 2020, graduate Grace Vehige (Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Life Sciences, Agricultural Education, Communication and Technology, spring 2020) spent the spring semester 2020 on University of Arkansas Rome Center with the help of Honors College and the Nathan “Kitt” Rome Memorial Fellowship. Read more from Grace at,

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