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When we talk about security policies, the focus is usually on what you do to keep guests safe. However, a big part of a security protocol is also to protect your guides and employees! Regardless of your circumstances, you can benefit from new or additional security policies. We have previously written about guidelines from various organizations and what they mean to you. You have many options for whom you can trust. Now let’s talk a little more about what you should do with these guidelines. There is no point in having them if they are not used or nobody knows what they are or where they can be found on your website. So how can you clarify guidelines, show that you protect employees and customers, and make it clear that you are not joking about them, but do so in a clear and precise manner that does not reject people? from your travel business or activity center?


State Terms and Conditions

People cannot follow your rules unless you give them your rules. By putting together clear terms and conditions, your customers know what to expect. You will know what to do and that you take things seriously. These are both important considerations when choosing a tour operator!

Yes, we all know someone (um, me) who clicks on the box that says they have read all the terms and conditions without actually reading them. But that is not really important. You cannot control how well someone reads or digests these terms and conditions. The most important thing is to have it. This way, if someone arrives without a mask and you send them away without a refund, you can say that you have agreed to this in our terms and conditions. To prevent this potentially uncomfortable interaction, you should include your “guest requests” as part of a confirmation or reminder email.

You can find examples for use as a template online. Check what from our customers added to their website. You need to click to expand the COVID 19 directive, but it’s a good one that’s worth the (minimal) effort. Adding your own will give you something to point out for guests to read.

Receive signed waivers

Give your customers a waiver of signing in accordance with the general terms and conditions. More weight is given to these conditions that you have written and all the measures you have to take against people who ignore them. It also shows your employees that you are on the lookout and ready to defend yourself her Health and well-being.

There are templates for disclaimers online. You can download and print something so that people can sign it. Or you could use Wherewolf. You are contactless and save your waiver information for you. The lite option is free, so there is no excuse for not using a waiver. Find out more about Wherewolf or Sign up for a demo.

Secure your guides

Tour guides are on the front line for Enforcement of security regulations with the customers. As a front, you probably have your own concerns. Regardless of what you’ve set up, it’s useless without your guides insisting that these rules be followed. You have to know that you are serious. These rules mean nothing if you throw them away the first time a customer complains about wearing a mask.

Trust your leaders in enforcement. No tour guide wants to take anyone away from a tour. So be on his side when he says someone can’t travel with you. This will really help show your guides that you not only care about money and stay in business but also appreciate their safety. And these customers who adhere to the rules will also appreciate it. You can even appreciate it in the form of good reviews and recommendations. But even if you don’t, you know you’ve done the right thing and you’ll build another level of loyalty to your guides.

Quite frankly: it is better to lose a good rating than a guide. And let’s face it, someone who risks the lives of your employees and customers would never leave you with a good rating anyway.

Reduce group sizes

You just can’t have the numbers you had last year. It is currently not possible to fill a van with 10 strangers on a wine tour. Not only is it difficult given our reduced tourist numbers, it is also impossible with social distancing. So lean in. Promote your tour as safe for individuals due to smaller group sizes and distance measures. Offer more private tours. It is better to have a few customers than none.

I can’t give you a precise science of how pricing should work for it. Are you charging more because it’s more elite now? Less because you need these bodies on seats? The same to split the difference? I really couldn’t say it. But I know that everything is in marketing. Whatever you choose, stand by it. If you calculate double to get the cost back, you’re selling that elite status in your marketing. Show someone lounging in their own row in the van and share photos of the vineyard landscape at sunset. Be aware and show people what to expect.

Implement security measures

Working with fewer customers can certainly help make your tours safer for customers and guides. But don’t stop here! You can also add some security measures. Distribute things like hand disinfectant or Set up partitions. Create an open dialogue where your guides can express concerns, share observations, and make suggestions as your business gains momentum. A happy and comfortable travel guide means less to them that they have to worry so that they can use this energy to create the best possible experience for their guests.

Many of these measures serve the safety of your guides more than the safety of your customers. That doesn’t make them less important and can even make them more important. It is your guides who keep your business going. Keep them happy and healthy and they will keep you in business.

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