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Are you concerned about the privacy of your information online? Do you think it is prone to abuse or theft? If so, you are not alone. A recent survey found that approximately 49% of Americans said their personal information was not as secure as it was five years ago, while 64% had suffered a serious data breach.

Online privacy is an extremely important issue. While there are concerns, there are tips that you can use Protect your personal and financial information while you visit your favorite entertainment, news and social media websites. Read on to find out what these tips are.

Limit the personal information shared on social media

An effective way to protect your privacy online is to make sure that you do not overwrite on social media. If you provide too much information on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, cybercriminals can more easily collect identifying information to access financial information or even steal your identity.

Online data protection

For example, is it possible for an identity thief to find out yours? Mother’s Maiden Name or School mascot just by searching your social media account? This is some of the most common information used as security questions to change banking information and other private information.

Unfortunately there is still far too many people who don’t follow this advice. According to a study conducted by the Identity Theft Resource Center, approximately 52% of all respondents had shared personal information on social media websites. This is just the beginning of the ongoing oversharing.

If you want to protect your privacy, make sure that you do not fill in the “About me” section. You don’t have to let people know where were you born, which can also make you a simple target. Make sure you also create strong passwords that provide additional protection.

Browse in private mode or in an incognito window

If you want to make sure that your computer does not save cookies, temporary internet files or your browsing history, make sure that you Surf the Internet in private mode. Many web browsers offer this type of data protection today. For example, in Chrome it says Incognito mode. The name for Internet Explorer InPrivate Browsing is used.

Use dedicated servers

The Internet is loaded with websites. There are more than 1 billion websites online currently. Instead of visiting new domains with total surrender, you have to do your job. The exact opposite is that you have to have your sensitive data taken due to Visiting an unsafe website.

Online data protection

In a perfect world, you want to deal with sites that have security certificates and dedicated servers set up. If you need to gradually learn about the benefits of committed servers, be sure to visit AccuWeb hosting site.

Are your online activities safe?

Do you know if your online activities are safe? If not, now is the time to do a health exam or find out if it is. It is more important than ever to protect yourself and your personal information. This will help ensure this Even if you are hacked, the shameful person cannot get access to this personal information. Remember that there has been an increase in situations where a person’s identity has been stolen. In this situation, do not become another statistic by taking the right steps to protect yourself online.

Ashley Lipman
July 2020
Photos: Pixabay

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