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Kris Bohman

Build your sales team

Alaska Real Estate Agent. Sales staff
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Kris Bohman is a licensed agent at Real Estate Brokers Of Alaska and a local entrepreneur.

“Real estate agents, politicians, lawyers, insurance agents are among the least respected professions in the world. The reason why certain people in certain industries are not respected is because they mistakenly tried to master a craft that didn’t serve their audience. Take my branch, real estate, for example, because I see it every day and know exactly what is happening. Real estate agents are working to master the craft of self-promotion. They practice and practice and practice scripts and dialogs to use on cold calls from homeowners. They spend thousands of dollars on websites to market themselves, etc., all for their own good, but when it comes to their customers – where most of their time should be spent – why didn’t they work just as hard to master the craft achieve a superior result?

Kris advises home sellers to watch out for brokers who use some of the typical approaches that have given the industry a bad name. He outlines some basic mistakes you shouldn’t make when selling your home and finding a good real estate agent, including:

  • Do not take the time to learn how to protect yourself from the greatest threat to your home sales profit and the greatest source of unnecessary risk: Real estate greed and unethical agents.
  • Don’t fall for gimmicks or bait and switch advertisements.
  • Don’t assume that an agent is good just because he advertises a lot of colors or sells a lot of houses
  • Do not make price decisions based on a “free home valuation”
  • If it sounds like “hot air”, it probably is
  • Do not take the time to diagnose the correct attack route

“Here’s what I’ve learned: those who are respected regardless of industry or person … are those who have focused on mastering the craft that first brings a superior result to their audience, not in their own interest. Then use this masterly craft … to only serve those who can benefit the most. “

“To achieve something special for my customers, I want to work with customers who are as committed to the success of their home sales as I am.”

A great broker should do some of the following for you:

  • Get an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis to determine the best recipe and maximize the return on your investment.
  • Based on the diagnosis, make an informed decision about how you want to prepare your home for sale. This is not based on hype, but on research and common sense.
  • Recommend home staging, super-cleaning, professional photos, great social media advertising, eliminate negotiations and low-ball offers with a preliminary check and increase your bargaining power with a home guarantee.

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