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If you’re in any sales or marketing role, you’ve probably heard of Account Based Marketing, or ABM for short. It is almost impossible not to have it. It seems to be everywhere! You may even be using an ABM strategy at the moment, which means that you probably already know what and why ABM is. Instead of explaining why it’s so great (you probably already know it), I’m going to talk about the tools you can use to implement an even more effective ABM strategy.

Account based marketing tools

What is account based marketing?

Brief review. ABM (Account Based Marketing) is a focused growth strategy. Sales and marketing work together to create a personalized shopping experience for a range of high quality accounts that both teams have agreed on.

Once these accounts have been agreed, an ABM framework should be followed to successfully implement the focused growth strategy. Within this strategy, there are tools you can use to ensure that your efforts are as successful as possible. Many of these tools, such as HubSpot, can be integrated into your CRM and make their use for ABM fairly painless. Here are five account-based marketing tools that are worth a look:

Account based marketing tools


Here at Lake One, we love using Vidyard as a video platform. Vidyard can not only be used to promote ABM efforts, but can also be integrated directly into HubSpot. You can easily create, track, and insert personalized videos into your landing pages or emails. You can also view user interaction and use it to segment, evaluate, and maintain leads. We also like it because it makes it easy for you:

  • Create video playlists
  • Embed your videos almost anywhere
  • Create in-video CTAs with links to your website and specific pages
  • Provide customer testimonials, marketing videos for product demos and more.
  • Automatically generate video transcriptions for SEO and improved accessibility!

Given the growing importance of incorporating video into your sales and marketing strategies, it is no wonder that this type of tool contributes to a successful ABM strategy.

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LinkedIn is a social networking platform for business people that is used only for business purposes. It is a great account based marketing tool that is available to you. There are several ways to use LinkedIn to support ABM:

  • Create a LinkedIn ABM account list

Since the ABM protocol states that a specific person / account should be found in a company and not just a company in general, you can use LinkedIn’s advanced search functions to find people who are suitable for your company and one Create a targeted account list.

  • Create content sponsored by LinkedIn

Sponsored content is the LinkedIn version of “Ads”, only the content that is displayed. These “ads” will only appear in the news feed of your target accounts. How to get the right kind of content in front of the right eyeballs.

  • Use LinkedIn InMail

With the LinkedIn Premium subscription, you can forward messages to people you are not yet connected to. This way you can reach the target accounts that you identified directly before connecting.

Per tip: Make sure your message is personalized and not spammy. The goal is to get people to actually open and read the message. The subject line should be on point and attention-grabbing.

  • Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to manage your ABM

With Sales Navigator, you can take all of your LinkedIn account-based marketing efforts to the next level. With this account-based marketing tool, you can carry out an even more advanced search, receive and rate account recommendations. You can also set up notifications for these accounts, take notes, and see which of them display your profile.

One of the reasons we love LinkedIn for ABM is that users identify themselves on the platform. They willingly give out their job titles, the company they work for and what their work involves. Not to mention that companies themselves offer a lot of information such as size, industry, service offerings and location. Thanks to this, it is much easier to identify specific people for your ABM efforts.


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Another account-based marketing tool that can be easily integrated into HubSpot is Uberflip. Uberflip is a Content Experience Platform (CEP) that allows you to reorganize existing content based on different audience profiles so that you can experience your website in a way that is most relevant to you.

This way you can attract audiences to stay on your website longer and increase your sales. This can be used in various applications, e.g. B. in sales promotion and generation of demand. Most important for this discussion, however, is that it can be applied to ABM. According to Uberflip, you can speed up the pipeline with binge-worthy experiences. What does that mean exactly? You can shorten the sales cycle by guiding your buyer towards a purchase that promotes self-sufficiency


When you address certain companies or people in these companies, it is important to know who is playing what role. Who are the decision makers? Who works for whom? It can be difficult to keep everything straight. With these Organization charts for HubSpot You can easily create and save customer organization charts for each of your accounts. You can also do the following:

  • Relationship mapping: a visual display showing the relationship between contacts
  • Customized sales people: Help your team visualize key stakeholders
  • Wildcard contacts: You can identify important contacts, avoid sales blockers and close deals faster
  • Account assignment: Visualize and manage the relationships between parent and child companies
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Despite the digital age we live in, direct mail is still alive and well. Postalytics takes the more traditional way of direct advertising and combines it with the modernity of automation. What is the result? Made a match in heaven.

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Marketers use Postalytics automated direct mail to expand their pipelines and increase engagement throughout the inbound marketing journey. It enables you to:

  • Quickly design and send your personalized letters and cards
  • Access affordable, high quality printing and shipping services
  • Track, track and measure the impact of your campaign in real time
  • Target new leads and get great customer responses
  • Reduce direct mail from weeks to minutes
  • Keeps track of each item of mail through delivery and response
  • Integrated into HubSpot workflows, lists and contacts

As account-based marketing continues to grow in both popularity and performance, it is important that you use the right tools to support your efforts. You may have a good ABM strategy, but these account-based marketing tools can help you switch your efforts from good to great. Keep in mind that not every tool fits your ABM toolbox best, but you won’t know if you don’t try.

New to account based marketing and wondering how to start? Or you just need help to integrate these tools into your strategy. Let’s talk. Our ABM strategists know a thing or two about both.

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