3 rules for safe dating during a pandemic and deepening the connection with a quality man Dating

Despite the use of technologies like FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom that help us date us during the pandemic, there are now nuances in dating that complicate the situation itself.

It is precisely these nuances that can increase insecurities or fears that you may already have. It is all the more important that you can deal comfortably with dating and relationships in a time of social distancing.

Many may believe that it is currently impossible to build a secure relationship, or that even if you meet someone, it is doomed to fail.

However, now it can be worthwhile to make an appointment if both of you are willing to do the work necessary for the success of the relationship.

In fact, recent research shows that people who are now dating actually develop more intimate and meaningful unions.

At Dating with Dignity, we show you how to make pandemic dating work with these three important guidelines.

Communicate clearly and consistently
Since communication is a fundamental pillar of any relationship, it is all the more important if you are physically distant from one another, especially if you are entering the advertising phase. Both of you need to openly communicate your expectations regarding everything from big relationship goals to limits (e.g. when you get a Covid 19 test, who’s on your #Quantanteam and how you stay, how you feel about yourself Feeling travel, eating in restaurants, washing food, etc.) and a possible schedule of what it might look like to connect personally as things evolve. You don’t have to get engaged or decide how many children you will have, but the most important thing is to make sure you are on the same page, where things are going and how you are dealing with everyday life. Day-to-day communication using technology, what it might look like to go to face-to-face meetings, and how each of you would feel safe to form a #quantity team that feels safe.

Since you don’t have the luxury of frequent personal interactions, consistent digital communication, be it texting or planning personal interactions, is critical. Even the most seemingly insignificant text messages may require some concerted effort to remember each day, but they can make all the difference in building romance and connection.

Make sure you also schedule regular FaceTime or Skype sessions. Make sure that this is planned “data” instead of just logging in and speaking to create NEW shared experiences together. Regardless of whether you’re using Airbnb experiences, Netflix parties, or finding some other way to connect with each other in a virtualized date experience, the guide doesn’t have to fall on the man you’re dating when planning the dates only meet. Try a language like “I have an interesting idea. Are you ready for an experiment “to arouse his curiosity and intensify the flirting. Then, after the date is over, suggest he plan the next one! If you rely only on text messages and phone calls that are easily distracted, you often feel boring or there is no chemistry. Remember that the ability to see the other’s facial expressions along with your voices in a new shared experience can help cultivate feelings of affection and ward off loneliness.

Expect unpredictability
Regardless of how strict a communication and progress plan you have agreed to is, all bets will be void once you choose to follow things offline. Health, work, family, or financial commitments can quickly become obstacles that make it difficult to see each other, making one or both of you feel particularly lonely or insecure for longer periods than you expected .

To combat the worrying feeling of feeling alone in a developing relationship, use your partner’s time to your advantage. Maintain old friendships, try something new that you’ve always wanted to do, or direct your energy into work or a passion project. If you wallow and linger in your insecurities, time goes much slower and can adversely affect the relationship.

Set a milestone
Regardless of the circumstances of your situation, try to set a milestone from which you consider creating your #quaranteam, in which you regularly see yourself in person. Having these discussions early is key; Existing in an indefinite pandemic relationship can increase self-doubt and cause either or both of you to lose hope, while a light at the end of the tunnel encourages you to work towards the goal of a successful relationship. While we are in a time of uncertainty and the milestone could be a moving target, an end to your separation is in sight!

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