Who are you when it comes to your identity? Christianity

This clip from the film Coping with aggression is one that I’ve found pretty profound (I don’t necessarily support actors or their films). Who are you when it comes to your identity? In this scene, Jack Nicholson Adam Sandler asks the question:Who are you?“.

Adam tries to answer the question in different ways, but Jack closes it every time he says that he describes his job, his hobbies or his personality every time. How would you answer the question?

The question of who we are or who we see ourselves is at the center of the discussion of the question of our identity. Where do you get your sense of meaning, meaning or fulfillment? Who or what defines you? If we think carefully, outside of what we do, We tend to define ourselves based on our self-perceptions of people around us. This could also be expressed in our roles or our race.

You feel smart when you seem to know more than the people around you. A day later, you find yourself not so smart when you’re around people who seem to know more than you. Or, consider yourself a passionate follower of Christ when you are near people who are not followers of Christ but feel less spiritual around some Gung-Ho Christians. So what is it?

The things we change, the people we are with change, the situations and perceptions that we experience never stay the same. However, when we look at these things to find our source of identity or to answer, “Who are you?” We will be very disappointed.

We need a perspective that never changes.

And only God can give this view.

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We have to understand how God sees us. His view is the truest and most reliable view. It is a waste of time to psyche yourself in front of the mirror. We try to say: “People love me”, “I am funny”, “I am smart and look good”. You will only exercise so much energy until an uncomfortable encounter nullifies all this positive thinking.

It’s time to get in touch with us as God sees you. Rom 8:15 speaks to an aspect of the identity of a follower of Christ

“Because you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back in fear, but you received the spirit of adoption as Sonsfrom whom we shout: “Abba! Father!”

My answer to the original question is that I am the Son of God. My identity, meaning and meaning is rooted in this truth. I am his lover and he is my Abba father. Even if I change jobs, this fact remains ingrained and unchanged. It doesn’t change when I do a great job at work or when I get stuck. These things don’t define me.

Take some time to consider the following:

  • How would you answer the same question?
  • How are you in touch with how God sees you?
  • Is the way you live your life aligned with this perspective?

Question from Sho, the author.

Comment below with your answers to my 3 questions above.

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