USCIS Cannot Print More Than 100.00 Green Cards and EADs – Immigration Lawyers’ Blog – July 21, 2020 Us Immigration

USCIS has failed to print approximately 50,000 green cards and 75,000 EADs for some family-based, employment-related, and asylum-based immigration applications that have already been approved. The printing of the physical cards has been significantly delayed because the agency works with reduced printing capacity.

USCIS has closed its Kentucky printing center and reduced printing at its only other facility in Missouri. USCIS was unable to renew its print contract and did not forward the decision to Congress. According to reports, the agency planned to store the printing of documents, but was unable to maintain normal capacity due to a hiring freeze.

Further information on the green card and the EAD delay can be found here Here. Additional reports are available on the underlying financial issues affecting USCIS ‘printing capacity Here.

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