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A Weather unit study can be a fun way to learn about the environment around us and how the weather can affect us all in our daily activities. Use these weather unit learning ideas to start your class!

Study resources for weather units

I was inspired to do a weather unit study because we have had very fluctuating weather patterns lately. The end of winter and the beginning of spring are always a time of unpredictable weather. It’s not so much fun to deal with, but it gives us the opportunity to learn it in our school. The strange weather changes and changing seasons made it a good time to do a weather unit study.

Study books and activities of the weather unit

Our weather books

Weather and climate See insider book

A Information book on lifting the flap that introduces the reader to the science of weather. Filled with facts about how hurricanes and floods occur in the earth’s climate.

My girls especially love the series of books, and that was no exception. The detailed drawings and funny discoveries keep her interested and keep coming back to this book.

Weather internet book

What makes the wind blow? How can rain be red sometimes? Why are tornadoes like vacuum cleaners? Here you will find answers and much more about strange and wonderful weather fascinating book.

There are some really cool photos in this book. My girls particularly liked learning about lightning and thunder. They learned that light propagates faster than sound, which is why they see the flash before they hear the thunder. As the storm season is approaching, this can be a great way to alleviate your children’s fears when the storms come.

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Our weather activities

We took weather pictures and talked about the different seasons. My girls colored rainbows and made a cloud picture on construction paper with cotton balls. They always enjoy art projects as part of their lessons!

We saw The Wizard of Oz for our family movie time over the weekend and talked about tornadoes.

Activities for the investigation of weather units

The photos above show one of our trips to a science center with a meteorological exhibition for children. You could make your own weather report with a green screen and a TV, just like real meteorologists use it in news reports. There was also a display and experiments with water to show the effects of flooding.

We worked together on some lessons as well as lapbooking. I like that unit studies and lapbooks are age-dependent, so a variety of age groups can work together based on their skills.

Weather and history::

Study extreme weather from the past. This can include hurricanes, tornadoes, snow storms and floods. Unfortunately, there is no shortage to study this aspect of the weather. How have these things affected the economy of the time? Has extreme weather changed the course of history by moving many people to other areas that were not affected by the weather event? Books like The long winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder or Stormy, Misty’s foal of the Misty of Chincoteague Marguerite Henry’s series are two examples of historical fiction with real events of extreme weather.

Weather and math::

Buy a large thermometer and / or barometer that can be mounted outside your home. Check the temperature and barometric pressure for a week at different times of the day and record the results on your own weather map or graph. If you don’t have a thermometer / barometer, use a weather website like NOAA and record the daily high and low temperatures for your region. You can use your results at the end of the week to determine the average temperature.

Weather and Bible study::

The most famous extreme weather incident in the Bible is about Noah and the global flood (Genesis 6). Read that story again and then a book about flooding. You can also examine how rainbows form and what the rainbow is for God as a sign of God.

Weather and geography::

Why is it cooler in the mountains or near the coast? Why is the equator so hot? What is the climate like in different regions of the USA? What is the snow belt? It’s easy to find many different geographic and weather connections!

Practical weather projects::

If your kids like practical activities or crafts, try the following:

  • A weather-related notebook, like this one on hurricanes. (You can also download a free sample.)
  • Draw or paint scenes from all four seasons. I recommend you to be an artist with chalk pastels.
  • A weather excursion to visit a local news meteorologist (be sure to plan ahead!) Or a weather station (often found at small local airports).
  • Keep a weather chart or diary.
  • Write a poem or short story with descriptions of the weather.

You are an artist curriculum bundle
Although we generally view weather as a scientific topic, you can see that it can be incorporated into any subject you study and customized for any age group in your school. Have fun learning if the weather changes this season!

Grab these fun printable dough mats to accompany your weather unit study. FREE for a limited time!

Weather counting dough mats

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