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Now that the Children’s pool is finally finished, it’s time to start working on the nursery / guest room! This baby will be here in two short months, so it’s time we started!

My FIL currently has one bedroom upstairs, although he spends most of his time in his finished basement. Earlier this year, he finished the bathroom down there, which has a shower, so he can start the transition. Then he had a wall built to lock a room for a bedroom. So the plan is that he moves to the basement and we will transform his bedroom upstairs into a children’s room / guest room.

Bedroom turned children's room

Kindergarten makeover

Obsolete bedroom turned kindergarten

Nursery guest room plans

My parents are our most frequent visitors and they come enough that a guest room is needed. And when they do, the baby just stays in our room. As he / she grows older we will probably try to share a room between all the children and make this a guest room only.

The room is not huge. To make a bed and a cot fit, we have to get creative. I was torn between a wall bed and a sofa bed and finally decided on a wall bed. We already bought the kit that contains all the parts you need to create the pulldown mechanism, and then a cut list for wood so you can build the frame for it.

My friend Anita has just finished one DIY Murphy bed and it gives me all kinds of inspiration.

DIY Modern Murphy bed

I’m very excited about it (though the instructions look half daunting) because we can customize them as we like. It will essentially look like a large closet when it is closed, so I wondered what kind of treatment to do with the faces of the front closet.

We plan to use Hawk’s crib even though he’s still in there. We’ll be turning him into a toddler bed soon, or we still have Eloise’s old crib that can be turned into a bed, and we’ll give it to him for a while.

The other thing I already have is a dresser / changing table. I used a vintage chest of drawers in Hawk’s room the same way and I wanted to do it here too. I found it on the Facebook marketplace near my parents and let them pick it up for me.

Vintage chest of drawers changing table

Dan and I talked about the design of this room and he started to annoy me that it will look just like any other room in our house. I said yes, ha. Because that’s my style and I like it. :-p I then asked him what he would do if he designed it.

Today I have BOTH mood boards that I can share with you! I told him what parts to choose and I helped him put everything together in Photoshop. It was fun to see what he came up with!


Masculine kindergarten mood board


Apparently he’s very confident that we have a boy, haha. I will say I was surprised by some of his decisions because I was sure it would be a lot more colorful. But all the pieces he chose are very clean and modern, which I like. I just don’t like the general mood :-p He said I brainwashed him and he couldn’t even think for himself, ha. He even chose an artificial violin! I trained him well.



I’m still not 100% designing the wall bed, but I’m going to do something with sugar cane or wooden slats, or a combination of both. At the moment I have made up the curved pipe inserts, but I am sure that this will likely change along the way.

Neutral mood board for kindergarten

I’m also torn about the color of the wall bed. I love the wood tone, but I am not sure if it is too much with the other pieces of wood in the room. I thought painting it black or coloring it could be a fun way to break it all open.

And at the end you are sure to ask yourself what the ceiling treatment is all about. I am still undecided about this, but I was totally inspired by this design Pierre Yovanovitch I found on Pinterest.

When I paint it dark with some artificial beams, such a dramatic yet subtle architectural element is added that I can’t get it out of my head.

My other idea would be to just paint the whole room white and make contrasting stripes in a light mushroom color, similar to how I just painted our door from the house to the garage.

Similar to Juniper home.

Contrasting white walls

What is your voice I am torn! Or maybe I do both?

We started moving some furniture from my FIL’s room to the basement earlier this week, and we’ll have the carpet replaced soon. So when we paint, we probably want to do it before the new carpet is put in, which means I have to make a decision as soon as possible!

We still have a lot to do, but I’m excited about the plans for this room! And I can’t wait to take a long break when this baby arrives 🙂

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