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A rather fun and exciting lesson in distance learning was for students to guess which song was a teacher’s favorite song. I also tried this with a hybrid class in 9/10. This meant that half of my class was face to face at school and half was still studying from home.


  1. I sent a request through MS Teams in the Staff Team Chat asking teachers about their favorite songs. About 12 replied. Some were great and shared the actual YouTube link to the music clip.
  2. A table in Word showed the name of the teacher, the song title and the YouTube link. (It would probably have been easier if I had put the links on a blog post in my class blog.)
  3. Set up two more Word documents – one for students with the teacher name in a column and a heading for the song title. This was communicated to the students via the chat function so that they could add the name of the teacher when listening to the song. Another word document for me was the links to the songs. Since I shared my screen, I couldn’t use the one with the answers to.
  4. Set up the Live Meeting with Meet Now in MS teams when it is class time. The Word document was shared in chat. I briefly explained what we were doing.
  5. Then I shared my screen. Make sure you enable Share System Audio so that students can listen to the music remotely. See picture below
    Share music in Teams1
  6. I worked my way through the YouTube clips, playing the clips for about 30-60 seconds, with the students typing in the teacher whose favorite song they thought.
  7. After each group of 5 or 6 songs, we went through the answers.
  8. In the next class, the students wanted to share and guess each other’s favorite songs.
  9. They sent me the youtube link to their favorite song in chat.
  10. I went through them to make sure they were okay and then created similar Word documents. Except this time, I’ve added the links to my blog, which made it much easier to access the clips quickly in real time. look at this Blog post COVID19 and scroll down until you see the links to the songs that were favorites for some of my 9/10 grade students.

I was pleasantly surprised by their choice of music and only one student shared an inappropriate one that I had censored before class.

Summary: The students really looked at this activity and wanted more. There was no real delay from me when I played the song clip about teams to listen to them. For those students who had problems with internet access, they could get the sheet with the song links and teacher names and do it in their own time when internet access was stronger.

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