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Most of the days during the ban, my wife and I took time to pray for our family and for each other.

Our family life was hectic before the closure! Driving here and there with the younger kids who did boxing and soccer to get them to exercise and play. I love that children enjoy what they do, but it can take over your life. We also have three older children who, fortunately, we no longer need to drive them around. However, as parents we are always on standby and of course we never stop thinking or praying for them.

So the lockdown routine turned the dog into a long walk in the morning, meeting a lot more people, and talking. Definitely a slower pace of life that has helped to grasp the simple things. It’s great to get closer to nature. In the woods where I go for a walk with our dog Nala, we see many red squirrels and beautiful deer (which Nala loved to hunt and put a huge smile on my face!).

Every Monday night I had the honor of being part of an online Codelife Bible study. This gave me and 6 other guys the opportunity to explore the Bible through amazing study. The material is first class and yet created in a simplified way. Our own CVM CEO Nathan Blackaby has put it together in such a way that men are encouraged to go on a trip together and get the best out of each other. This is a 12-week course, and the boys loved it so much that we have now started another series that deals with ’52 Men of the Bible ‘and is based on the book of the same name by Carl Beech.

In this block, things have happened without really striving or trying to open the doors, and even in these challenging and diverse days, I believe that God always works out the best for his children.

Jesus said: “Find his kingdom first … and all these things will also belong to you” (Mt 6.33 RSV). This is the basis of simple life. It is God we want and when we find our Creator we find joy and contentment. The things that happen to us, our memories and our possessions are significant, but nothing is more important than our relationship with God. When the simple life is lived, the earthly experience flows from our unity with God. The divine fountain head is the source of life and its many experiences.

As believers in Christ, we are called to seek the Kingdom of God first. How many times have we read or heard that? Of course it is so easy to read, but living a simple life has become so complicated in a world that requires our time and energy ………… ..

A big challenge for all of us is whether to continue our complicated lifestyle before the closure or whether we give everything to God and let him work in and for us so that we can develop the simpler life that we should experience near him.

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