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It is very likely that when you were a child you said that your mother or father did well in school, got a good job and had to work hard to be successful in life. It’s not a bad life advice, although it’s probably a bit different now, as every eight year old wants to be a YouTuber.

Instead of working hard, as a millionaire, all you have to do is make videos of yourself playing video games while yelling at your computer. Keep it up, my son, and one day you could be PewDiePie.

What your parents probably didn’t tell you is that life is not linear and that shit happens sometimes. You can work hard and do everything right, and then you can get sick or have an accident and it can free you from the workforce.

The wheels will get clean, and you will struggle to make ends meet with the government’s meager state benefits (currently € 203 a week) or to blow an absolute hole in your savings.

Unless you have income protection.

You’re probably thinking about it, and that brought you here to my corner of the internet.


The benefits of income protection

A brief summary if you accidentally stumbled here or if this is your starting point:

Income protection is a type of insurance that pays you a replacement salary if you are unable to do your job in the long term due to injury or illness.

The average income protection claim is around seven years in the context.

Income protection coverage does not come into effect immediately. Instead, choose a waiting period (known as a deferral period) of 4, 8, 13, 26, or 52 weeks. As soon as you have been unemployed for this period, the insurer will pay you a replacement income.

For me, everyone should have income protection. For one thing, you don’t actually have to to die to reap the benefit which is a novelty for life insurance. And it literally covers everything from long-term back pain to chronic depression.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s look at how you should compare the income protection guidelines.

Comparison of income protection insurance in Ireland

At we are an online life insurance broker and work with all major insurers. You have the following options for income protection:

  • Royal London income protection.
  • Protection of Irish life income.
  • New Ireland income protection.
  • Aviva income protection.

For the TL; DR I recommend Aviva’s income protection.

For the non-TL; DR, read on.

Income protection in Ireland

Meet Sally 👋

Sally is a 40 year old accountant. For reasons of argument, she earns an average of 45,611 euros in Ireland. This is an exact number, and since it comes from the CSO, we can assume that it is legitimate.

Sally wants income protection with a deferral period of 13 weeks.

Keep it up, Sally.

If Sally used my magic quote machine, her quote would look like this:

On the left you can see a list of insurers. The middle column shows the price before tax relief. The right column shows the actual costs after tax relief.

The amount of tax benefit you can claim depends on how much income tax you pay. If you pay 20% income tax, you get 20% tax relief. If you are a higher earner and pay 40% income tax, you can get 40% tax relief, which is WHOPPER! And one of the main reasons why I prefer income protection to serious illness coverage

If you’re wondering why you’re seeing double, some insurers offer two types of income protection: Verifiable and Guaranteed.

Verifiable means that the price does not necessarily stay the same over time, which means that the insurer can review your policy / situation and change the price every 5 years.

A fixed price is guaranteed or fixed.

For what it’s worth, I would normally recommend Guaranteed. It can cost a few pounds more at face value, but at least you know it will stay at that price. This has been especially true since COVID19 joined the party – insurers will look for an excuse to increase premiums.

PS: If you would like more information on how your premium / price is calculated, read my article about here Income protection calculator for a little more soothing reading before bed.

Comparison of income protection insurance policies

You may be tempted to get the cheapest deal. You would not be the first person to choose the simple option. You won’t be the last. However, it is also worth taking a look at the benefits that every insurer offers.

Since income protection is similar for every insurer, they also offer practical little extras to get you to them. You could call it marketing or bribery.

In quick table format, here are the four major Irish providers of income protection insurance in comparison:

Irish income protection insurer Aviva Irish life New Ireland Royal London
Back to work benefit No No Yes Yes
Benefit / premium indexing 3% / 3.5% 5% 3% / 3% 3% / 3.5%
Confirmed income option No No Yes No
Deferred period (weeks) 4-52 13-52 8-52 4-52
Maximum age at dropout 69 65 65 70
Additional medical support services Yes Yes No Yes
Benefit increase in payment 3% 5% 3% 3%
Rehabilitation service / program Yes Yes Yes Yes
Terminal Illness Benefit No No Yes Yes
unemployment insurance No No Yes Yes

The benefits of protecting income protection from each provider listed above are briefly:



  • Access to the best doctors 2. Medical opinion: help for anyone who has been diagnosed with a medical problem to ensure that your treatment is the best available. Because this policy pays off in the event of illness, you want to make sure that your treatment improves you as soon as possible. I can only recommend Best Doctors.
  • Aviva also offers the best rehabilitation and retraining programs on the market in case you can no longer do your old job.
  • Deferred periods start at 4 weeks
  • Coverage from 70 years
  • Premium waiver: You do not have to pay your premium if you receive income protection from Aviva.
  • Job change: Keep your cover when you change the job type.
  • Unpaid employment insurance

Royal London

Royal London logo

  • Benefits for an incurable disease: If you are diagnosed with an incurable disease, you can start paying for your income protection immediately.
  • Deferred periods start at 4 weeks
  • Coverage from 70 years
  • Split deferred benefit: You can choose two separate deferral periods within the same policy.
  • Back-to-work benefit: Financial support (ie money) for the first three months after you return to work.
  • Helping hand: Free access to consultants and medical therapies to help you with your illness / treatment.

New Ireland

new irela

  • Confirmed Income Option: If your salary drops, New Ireland will take into account the higher amount you applied for. This only applies to New Ireland.
  • Best indexation rates on the market
  • Back-to-work benefit: a payment if you go back to work in the first three months.

Irish life

  • Pension payment protection: If you also have an Irish Life pension, you can use your income protection to protect these payments.
  • LifeCare: Access to a medical second opinion service, medical helplines and a damage helpline, free of charge with your cover.

So what you should pay attention to:

☑️ What does it cost? Remember to look at the number that indicates tax relief.

☑️ Is it verifiable or guaranteed? Generally you go with Guaranteed.

☑️ Are the benefits the best you can get for your situation?

☑️ Risky occupation? Class 3 (jobs such as nursing assistant, nurse, electrician) or 4 workers (carpenter, plumber, etc.) should choose Aviva all day. You will want hers Wage protection Option, which is the only insurance of its kind specifically designed to help Class 3 and 4 workers get a better deal. It’s not as comprehensive as full income protection, but it’s affordable.

Over to you …

And that’s it!

If you want a link and it’s too late to become a YouTuber, I recommend asking an experienced income protection broker to help you. Of course i mean me.

If you’ve made it this far in this article, you can see that I’m a big fan of a no-bullshit approach to all of this. If that’s your mood too, you can get an offer from Fill out the quick form here or by calling me

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