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A few months ago Posts like this helped make virtual classroom all the anger. The teachers in my district discovered them, loved them, but also asked about ways to share the end result with the students. I will share my suggestions below.

If you’re not familiar with virtual classrooms, it’s basically a slide (Google Slides works great) that you can use to direct students to different links. This tutorial is the one a teacher pointed out to me first and is very well done. The article I linked to above contains more information and some examples.

What is the best way to reach students when you have created a virtual classroom? Personally, I prefer publish the slide. Here’s an example of what that might look like. I prefer to download a PDF or link to the presentation because:

  • This opens faster for students using Chromebooks. If you’ve ever checked a lot of Google Slides presentations on a Chromebook, you know that loading each presentation can be tedious. This method avoids this problem.
  • A single published slide will open much faster for students, and links will open in a new tab with just one click. (PDFs are similar, but the links don’t open in a new tab.)
  • Once published, you can easily link to the slide from Google Classroom or any other learning management system you use. You can also embed it on your website.

I made this short video that shows how to publish a slide and get the link.

This video shows how to use the embed code to embed it on a Google site. The situation is similar with other website creation tools.

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