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STRAIGHT LINES: The architect who brought the three-angle house to life was Christopher Megowan. Photos by Anthony Richardson and Elise Scott. Produced with BowerBird.

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The Three Angle House was specially designed to make the most of the three breathtaking views on the grounds of Mount Martha in Victoria. Megowan Architectural architect and director, Christopher Megowan, said he was blown away when he first visited the site. After all, having a view on a site is one thing, but three uniquely stunning and different views are particularly rare.

“In the north you see Mornington and Port Phillip Bay, in the west the green of Mount Martha Reserve and Point Nepean and in the northwest the Melbourne CBD on the horizon,” explains Megowan. “The decision to build the house around these views was immediate and the agreement was in line with customers.”

The owners Jo and Colin Turner knew that they would not build an ordinary house for their dream home. “We wanted something so light and airy and that’s exactly what we have.” Vinnie Price and Matt Stonehouse from KabSav Projects have been hired to build exceptionally unexpected homes due to their solid track record, including a previous successful collaboration, the Two Angle House. “We wake up every morning and look for the next challenge. Since it is obviously Three Angles, we had this challenge,” said the couple.

The main entrance sets the tone for home and has been deliberately sunk into the slope. The entrance to the house opens to a breathtaking half-timbered view over Jullul Bay. The warmth of blackbutt wood plays throughout with the structural texture of concrete, while a cantilever steel staircase winds up to the main living quarters and the highest viewpoint over the bay that the grounds have to offer.

While unexpected but deliberate angles are actually the inspiration of the house, the outstanding quality of this house is the exceptional use of natural light. The rooms change throughout the day as the sun wanders from the kitchen and study in the east across the living areas to a breathtaking western sunset over the private terrace in front of the master bedroom in the evening.

Almost every room is brought to life by the ever-changing canvases of the three carefully framed views. “It’s an incredible home to see a storm break out, the whole sky show and the elevated position where you feel immersed in it,” says Megowan.

Jo and Colin are enthusiastic about the team’s collaboration and feel consistently involved. A key part of this success was the proactive investigation of all materials and products proposed by Megowan Architectural, which meant that decisions were made safely and that KabSav’s work was coordinated and installed efficiently. “It is fantastic to work with a customer who is open and open to new ideas and who is involved with every step,” says Megowan.

“When it comes down to it, this house had to do more than just the job and budget forever, it had to frame and enlarge the lifestyle the website offered so clearly,” says Megowan. “For us, this three-angle house is a real success and certainly a project that we were very proud to be part of.”

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