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Today’s review is approximate Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash. Intimate washing is part of basic hygiene. Even if you’re a makeup minimalist, you can’t really ignore that one point from your daily use.Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash review photos price

Intimate good quality washes are still sparse on the Indian market. I always choose soap-free and mild intimate detergents. I’ve been using Clean & Dry Wash for a few years.

I was bored using the same laundry over and over again. So this time I bought Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash.

Pee Safe manufactures some really good disinfectants for toilet seats and recently they launched their Ayurvedic intimate care series. This paraben and sulfate-free intimate wash contains tea tree oil, witch hazel and lemongrass.

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About Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash

With Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash, you will feel clean and fresh all day long. Its unique formulation helps maintain the natural pH of your vaginal area and keep bacterial and fungal infections at bay.

This 100% alcohol-free vaginal wash is delivered with the quality of Ayurveda in order to maintain your hygiene in the best possible way. The laundry maintains a pH of 3.5 to 4.5. Enriched with antimicrobial essential tea tree oil, soothing witch hazel and a subtle fragrance.

Packaging: This laundry is delivered in a clear plastic bottle. The bottle has a snap cap, but you can also remove the cap from the bottle by opening the screw on the bottom. The bottle was packed in a box.

The packaging is very simple, but travel-proof. There is no product waste or spillage. Pee Safe contains the list of active substances in the packaging, but the inactive substances are not mentioned. In the packaging there is also a brochure with important tips on intimate hygiene.

Color & consistency: Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash has a transparent and colorless formula. This is a liquid wash. The liquid is slightly thicker than water.

It is a sulfate-free detergent, so there is not a lot of foam. The laundry does not waste too much water and no annoying slimy residues.

Fragrance: In the package, Pee Safe mentions “lemongrass scent”. The scent is definitely not of this fresh lemongrass type. It smells of the AD vitamin oil that I used as a child.

The smell is very weak, otherwise the strange smell would have bothered me. As soon as I wash it off, the smell disappears.

Quantity & price: It costs Rs.180 for 105ml. The price is comparable to other easily available pocket-friendly intimate washes.

The brand offers 10-15% discount offers from time to time. You could get it for a good price if you keep an eye on such deals.

My general thoughts:

To be honest, I was very afraid to try a new intimate wash. It came from a new start row and there weren’t many reviews on the web.

Fungal infections are common problems in personal hygiene, and personal hygiene plays a crucial role in the overall hygiene of these sensitive parts of the body. When I first used Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash, I wasn’t happy with the strange fragrance.

However, the dermatologically tested formula performed quite well. It made the skin sparkling clean and the freshness stays for a few hours. I think it’s enough to use this once a day. Some intimate washes make strange claims about skin lightening, but this wash didn’t go that route.

If you ask my opinion, I would say that Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash is a basic hygiene wash for the sensitive intimate part of your body. If you don’t mind the scent, this pH-balanced wash is an affordable option in the intimate wash category.

Rating: 4/5

* Written by Sreeparna

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