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Here at MHM Professional Staging, we are happy to give something back to our community. Our CEO and Founder Megan Morris regularly contributes to many local nonprofits and is always looking for new ways to make a difference.

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On Saturday, July 18, Megan joined the local nonprofit paddle to clean up Lake Ivanhoe. If you have ever visited the Lake Ivanhoe neighborhood near downtown Orlando, you know how important the lake is to its community. The residents regularly kayak, paddleboard and jet ski in the water. In the meantime, picnics, beach volleyball and jogging have become popular pastimes on the banks.

Without looking closely, you can see how much people enjoy the lake and miss the garbage and debris that accumulates in the water and on the coast. Fortunately, Paddle with a Purpose takes note – and does something about it.

About paddles with a purpose

Paddle with a Purpose is a non-profit organization that cleans up garbage in local waterways. The organization started in South Florida and has since expanded to Orlando. So far, they have collected over 42,000 pounds of garbage. Impressive!

Paddle with a Purpose’s mission is to persuade people from all walks of life to volunteer for the conservation and rehabilitation of our waterways and to raise awareness of the pollution problem in our communities.

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Bobby Figueroa and Anthony Cortes run the nonprofit organization here in Orlando. Despite the ongoing pandemic, they continued to prioritize the organization’s mission. We are happy to do our part so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful Ivanhoe Lake. Also, after months of stressful downtime, we could all use a little R&R and fresh air.

Give it back, Orlando

View of downtown Orlando from the dock on Lake Ivanhoe

If you want to help beautify our local lakes, then Register for an upcoming cleanup. Bring your friends – and your face mask – with you and give something back, Orlando. We hope to see you there!

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