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I love bamboo clothing for three reasons! Bamboo clothing is super soft (so it feels great), it falls well (so it looks great), and it is made from sustainable resources (so it’s environmentally friendly). One of my favorite manufacturers of bamboo clothing for women is Cariloha. You can choose from bamboo t-shirts, active clothing, underwear and other clothing. I worked with Cariloha to bring you this bamboo clothing feature. You have provided a few Cariloha bamboo items to make reviews and the giveaway easier for the reader at the end of this post!

The advantages of bamboo clothing

Cariloha reviews

Environmentally friendly choice

If you are looking for shopping more sustainablyYou will love bamboo clothing. Bamboo is a sustainable, renewable resource This grows quickly and does not require the large amount of pesticides that many textile plants use. Bamboo plants keep our soil stronger, our air cleaner and our environment healthier.

Super soft

I think cotton is pretty soft, but bamboo clothing is super soft. They have a silky, luxurious texture. You will definitely feel the difference! You will also see the difference because they drape better!


The super light and breathable bamboo viscose garment makes you feel cooler. Bamboo clothing is inherently moisture wicking and a favorite of mine for outdoor activities in warm weather. Bamboo naturally repels odors to make you feel fresher.

Cariloha Reviews: Cariloha Bamboo T-Shirts and Activewear

Bamboo clothing

Bamboo V-neck t-shirt

I love the super soft blend of fabrics (70% bamboo viscose / 30% organic cotton). It turns a normal t-shirt into something that looks a little more elegant and beautiful. The v-neck is perfect and not too low or too high. The color brilliance is great and it keeps its color while washing. Thanks to its naturally heat regulating properties, I feel much cooler and more comfortable in this bamboo t-shirt. Ideal for almost everything, from shorts to jeans to an elegant skirt. The size was perfect. I consider myself extra small and the XS t-shirt was figure-hugging without being attached.

Bamboo t-shirt

Bamboo crew tea

The mixture of fabrics on the crew t-shirt was slightly different (52% viscose made of bamboo / 48% polyester). I liked it as much as it feels very soft and looks a bit more elegant than an average t-shirt. The crew neck t-shirt had a nice neckline and was cut to size. It was also body-hugging without feeling attached. I like the vivid color and it does well in the wash.

Training clothes made of bamboo

Bamboo Pieced Athletic Cropped Legging

I also wanted to try out bamboo workout clothes, so I chose a pair of cropped bamboo leggings. The material mixture (66% viscose made of bamboo / 30% nylon / 4% elastane) is very stretchy and comfortable. I also love the design – so many nice features for sporty leggings. They have stylish hip pockets on both sides when you want to stow your hands while walking or stow a handkerchief while you’re on the go. They also have a handy zip pocket over the back end so you can keep your phone, ID or key in a convenient, hidden place while you’re running. In my opinion, these leggings are small. I usually wear small pants or a size 4 or 6, but the small, short leggings felt too tight. My slender teenage daughter appropriated it and she couldn’t be more excited about it.

Where to buy bamboo clothing

After reading my Cariloha reviews, you may be wondering where to get bamboo clothing for yourself. Although there are some retail stores, you can conveniently shop online from anywhere at

Cariloha giveaway

Participate and win a Cariloha bamboo garment of your choice. (Subject to availability. Up to a value of $ 89. Men’s or women’s clothing.)

Giveaway data: July 21 – August 16, 2020 midnight CST

To enter: Simply log in to the Gleam widget and click on the entries you want to complete to take advantage of your chance to win.

Cariloha bamboo clothing giveaway

Competition conditions:
Open to US residents, 18+. Emails entered in the widget are kept private. The winners were announced on August 17, 2019 in the Gleam widget. The winners will be chosen at random. I will be notified by email and the winner must respond within 4 days. Otherwise, the prize will expire and an alternative winner will be selected.

I hope you love Cariloha bamboo clothing as much as I do! Did you know about all the cool benefits of bamboo clothing? Have you ever tried bamboo clothing?

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