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“Being a mother is a bit like ‘Groundhog’s Day’. It gets out of bed and does exactly the same things over and over – and it watches how everything is undone over and over again. It is humble, monotonous, numbing and lonely. “Glennon Doyle Melton

Does it seem like the next day is a repeat of the last day? Bill Murry in “Groundhog Day,” the film, repeats itself the same day until he learns his lesson. Is that what our whole life is? Do you understand our lesson so we can get to the next day, another day, another job, another love, or another life?

It feels like everyday life like the last one, but why?

Orders that stay at home have thrown us into a world that is smaller than a wheel that keeps turning. Our lives have become a narrower circle to smooth the curve. A mask, gloves, or both may be required to exit.

My routine has changed. My husband’s office is at home now. Most are masked when walking through Santa Barbra and Montecito. Very similar to something from a science fiction film, from the future, but we are not in the future, this is our today.

When I go to a grocery store, every time I put on a mask, I’m slightly scared. It drives me crazy to wear one and see others behind their masks. I can only imagine what is hidden behind the mask.

Don’t feel calm, although I know that this is to keep us healthy, smooth the virus curve, and protect us. I have to adjust my worries and accept our now. Maybe I’ll buy a really cute mask that will make me feel cheeky and with accessories?

Can I do anything to not feel like Bill Murry on Groundhog Day? Is there a lesson for me that I cannot see? Maybe our life had always been a little repetition of the next one? Maybe the concept is not as far away as it is more obvious? The lessons in love, life choices, relationships have always been there.

My revelation, great ah ha moments, when I wrote my book was a reflection of my journey through love and relationship with men. What I learned was that it was never really about her … What?

It was never about Mr. Next Guy, it was about why I dressed and approved Mr. Next Guy. It was much easier to blame the obvious fool. It was much more difficult to see that I had a large mirror that reflected the truth of me all the time. Was that my marmot truth day?

Now that I’m married and my dating life is going out with my husband, it’s easier. My life is safer However, the lessons are just as big how they ever were. The lessons do not disappear with “I do”. We still shed light on what needs to be learned, which can be filled with arguments or gratitude. Both are huggable on the confused path we call life, relationships, and love.

When all of your days look like the last one in Covid-19, you’re not alone. The world makes us all marmots!

Try something new. Read, walk, start online yoga, start learning online, log your past relationships. Failure is the way to success, turn left and follow your heart, it was there all the time. Read my book full of fun, dating and lessons.

My mantra: “Finding something new if you are looking for protection at home is a blessing.”

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