A day in the life of two 6th grade teachers – at school and at home Uk Education

Sam and Olivia are both 6th grade teachers at Chesswood Junior School in Worthing, Sussex. While Sam has been back to school with her class for half a semester, Olivia continues to work from home as she has to take extra precautions due to an illness. They gave an insight into their last semester weeks in a video diary …


I have been working from home since March and teach remotely because I have type 1 diabetes. It was a strange time to say the least! I work and live in the same room, which has brought some challenges.

I managed to do video courses and communicate with the kids online, but I really missed being in the classroom! It has been particularly difficult to be separated from them in the past few weeks and I would have liked to have had the opportunity to say goodbye to my class before going to secondary school. But I enjoyed the challenge of teaching from a distance and found it a positive experience. And I was even able to say goodbye to all of my students virtually, wishing them all the best before going to secondary school.


After half a semester in May I was teaching again in the sixth year and had 24 of 31 children in the classroom. It was a little different, but the kids and I really enjoyed being together.

In the last 6 weeks of the semester, I taught them in two 12-blisters – I worked with a teaching assistant who is in one blister, and I am in the other blister. It worked very well and for some of the basic subjects, I’m going to call the other classroom in Microsoft Teams so I can teach both bubbles at the same time. We did a lot of transition work with the kids who talked about their concerns and fears about transitioning to high school. And of course we have planned a lot of great celebrations to mark the end of their elementary school years before they leave us to go to high school!

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