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You may want to know what cyber security is all about before you look at cyber security courses and the list of universities in Nigeria that offer cyber security courses, their requirements, and how to apply for them online. So what is cyber security? The terms are actually self-defined. If we know that cyber has to do with the web space, or rather with the Internet or intranet, while security simply means protecting an object, whether physical or non-physical, from third parties, we can do it just define Cyber ​​security as protection of information in devices and networks against theft and cloning of hardware, software or audiovisual data against disruptions and possible breakdowns.

The world has gone digital and IT has taken on virtually all areas, including blue collar and white collar jobs. Since information is invaluable, this also applies to the protection of data. Cyber ​​security in Nigeria is still in its cradle today. However, the Federal Government has started to introduce cyber security courses in the work plan of the various universities in Nigeria via the NUC.

Due to the increasing search for universities in Nigeria that offer cyber security courses, we decided to address the issue and end it once and for all.

Many blogs have recently published information about the list of universities that offer cyber security courses in Nigeria. Let it be clear to all readers that there are currently no universities in Nigeria that offer cyber security as a full course. Part-time or part-time degree. As set out in paragraph 2, the Federal Government is making a conscious effort to include this course as a full-time course, but the processes have not yet been completed.

However, after completing your course at the university or at the polytechnic, you can still obtain a cyber security certification. I will give you the list of cyber security courses that you can take to give you an edge over other candidates or students.

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List of cyber security courses with final certificates

  1. Certified Cyber ​​Security Professional (CCS-PRO)
  2. Cyber ​​security awareness
  3. Cyber ​​security risk management
  4. Computer Forensics Foundation training
  5. Introduction to system and network security
  6. Social engineering training

In this way, you can complete online or virtual training for the above courses shortcut. All you need to do is click on the cybersecurity course that best suits your needs and apply online. However, some courses require a very pocket-friendly fee, while others are free.

You will also receive a certificate of completion if you have successfully completed one of the cyber security program training courses.

Prerequisite for participating in a cyber security course in Nigeria

You must be a graduate with at least 5 years of work experience in a related field. Some online tutors would require that you have at least five years of experience to prepare to participate in the (ISC).2nd CISSP or ISACA CISM exam as they are the premiere Qualifications for cyber securityand are usually a mandatory requirement for securing a leadership position in an organization.

Hope this article was helpful? Rest assured, once cybersecurity is included in our curriculum as a course, we will list the schools in Nigeria that offer cyber security and their admission requirements.

If you have any questions you can contact us via the comments section below and we will respond accordingly.

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