The Split House in Auckland has cedar ceilings and a wooden umbrella Design

Pac Studio recently completed a Villa renovation in Auckland, New Zealand, with a new extension that goes down three levels to connect the living spaces with nature. The residence, aptly named Split House, includes a new kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom and media room, as well as a split hipped roof, the ceiling of which is clad in rich cedar. High windows and a faceted wooden shade round off the individual appearance of the design.

The young couple dealt with waste that the project would produce and that was addressed in a number of ways, including selling the old kitchen to another young couple, preserving and reusing original materials, and shipping the old plasterboard for shredding and conversion in a landscape lime.

Walnut furniture was custom-made throughout the entire build to facilitate storage.

Light, neutral walls help balance the warm wood to create a light-filled, cozy interior that’s perfect for a family.

While the expansion falls into the modern category, the front of the villa has been preserved, making it an official mullet.

Photos by Simon Devitt, courtesy of BowerBird.

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