This week we need the answer to the question: is vegan cheese keto?

Is Vegan Cheese Keto DoinDubai Monic Moment vegan cheese platter
Vegan cheese plate milk-free

We got a nice vegan cheese platter from a woman who needs something honest feedback. But I’m also fascinated by their ability to read tarot cards! And I think I found a new best friend in a glass of sea collagen with White Lindt Chocolate! But first we have to talk about Colin!

Welcome to another MonicMoment – a snapshot into the life of a foodie blogger this week in Dubai.

Is vegan cheese Keto Doindubai Monica Kapila with Layla
Monica and Layla at home in Dubai

Update: Re Colin and his desserts

Colin has decided not to focus on the desserts we presented in the last MonicMoment post, but on his keto business, for which there is already an Instagram!

However, he wants to drop some of his keto breads this week! I told him that his saffron milk cake was mine and our guests’ favorite dessert, so as not to forget that. Saffron milk cake isn’t a keto at all, is it? It is carby, very carby, but very tasty! I would definitely order this for a big dessert.

Is vegan cheese Keto Doindubai Colins saffron milk cakeColin’s saffron milk cake party pudding

Is vegan cheese keto?

I have no idea, but I’m going to ask Sonia, the owner and founder of a vegan cheese shop who contacted me, for honest feedback on her cheese platters. I still have no idea of ​​their prices.

The last vegan cheese platter I watched on a Dubai-based Instagram account cost AED 425 for 12 types of large cheese balls, but they all fit on one platter! Is that a good price? I have no idea!

Is Vegan Cheese Keto DoinDubai Monic Moment Zaatar flavorVegan cheese zaatar coated milk-free

Sonia was interested in vegan cheese because it matched her system to avoid dairy products. From then on, as a passionate cook, it was a logical step for her to make her own vegan cheese, but she also saw it on the cards! The tarot cards she reads!

Breakfast with blogging friends

I was glad to have been invited to breakfast by a couple of blogger colleagues I hadn’t seen in ages. We chose a place called Milk Bakery. What connotations do I come up with? The reality is a high-end cafe, where huge pieces of cake are served in a modern, mixed-development mall in Jumeirah 1.

Is Vegan Cheese Keto DoinDubai Monic Moment Milk Bakery Breakfast in a BoxBreakfast in a box milk bakery

While that’s okay, breakfast was an acceptable AED 54, but what I didn’t expect in the second week of July was a cardboard box for a plate, a paper cup for my coffee, and plastic knives and forks.

I wrote a post about food in Dubai after the ban, but it seems that the rules are very inconsistent and vary from room to room. Cutting a Turkish simulation roll with a flexible plastic knife was a challenge!

Marine collagen

One of my breakfast buddies makes it herself Matcha nut butter with cashew nuts (also included in vegan cheese?) almonds, white Lindt milk chocolate and .. wait for it .. Marine collages!

Vegan Cheese is Keto DoinDubai Monic Moment Marine Collagen Butter full size copyHandmade hope in a glass

I immediately asked if I could put it on my face! She hadn’t thought of it, but apparently even eating or adding a spoon to a morning coffee can improve wrinkles and fine lines.

Only for friends and family at the moment I ask if I can pay for ingredients and save time? I think it would be cheaper and tastier than my chic face cream! Maybe I can spread this Cremosso nut butter on some keto bread and drink it with some vegan cheese!

tell me

Is vegan cheese keto? If we ask ourselves what “keto” is, we have the answer, but how low-carb is vegan cheese. How low in carbohydrates does a food have to be to be labeled as “keto”?

“So what does“ keto ”mean and how can a food be defined as such? It’s complicated” I have found an explanation Here. The article reminds us that not all “keto” foods can be synonymous with “healthy”.

What are your experiences after a “ketogenic diet”?

Win a beautiful vegan cheese platter

If you want to win one of these beautiful vegan cheese platters, check them out doindubai instagram ..

Next time

I have a feeling that London may be calling for the next MonicMoment ..!

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