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This week we’re talking about the latest news and trends in the travel world, from health and safety to reopening / closings and more. Eric Bowman, Managing Editor or, talks to us about travel news and how you can best plan your next adventure.

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Lately there have been many new developments in the world of travel. To help you better understand what all of this means, travel expert Eric Bowman participates in the program to share his expertise. Just a few of the topics we’re talking about this week are:

  • How tour operators ensure our health and safety today
  • Current status of the airlines
  • Which hotels are safe in terms of cleanliness and customer care?
  • What goals open and close around the world?
  • How Americans can plan a summer vacation with restrictions
  • Reopening Walt Disney World and what it means for the industry
  • Future of the cruise industry
  • Role of travel advisors in this new normal
  • Great destinations for fun US road trips

Eric Bowman
Eric Bowman is the managing editor of TravelPulse. He loves traveling the world, but currently lives in Georgia. As a graduate of the University of Georgia, Eric has worked in online media, radio and television for over a decade. Please follow him on both Twitter and Instagram.

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